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Move your filmmaking business into the fast lane by adding live broadcasting to your portfolio the easy way F rom Amazon Prime and Netflix to social media, live streaming video content is everywhere nowadays – fuelled by the huge increase in content for various organisations, you are in pole position to step in as the filmmaking expert who can shoot and stream events. WORDS ADAM DUCKWORTH

It’s not just being able to actually get content out there, it’s about the quality of that content. Filmmakers already have the majority of gear – cameras, lenses, support, lighting and audio equipment – and the expertise required to produce a professional-looking production. But suddenly, the need for wafer-thin shallow depth-of-field from large-sensor cameras, anamorphic lenses, Log and LUTs are not front of mind. Instead, it’s multicamera set-ups and live switching between them, on-screen graphics and reliable Wi-Fi that are more important. As is getting everything in sharp focus, rather than self-congratulating about wonderful bokeh and cinematic focus pulls. It’s far more like being a live TV news broadcaster than a Hollywood filmmaker. And that takes new skills to learn, some different kit and a desire to do something new that clients might actually be willing to pay for. So take a dive into the world of live broadcasting for filmmakers in the Pro Moviemaker guide to streaming, from the very basics to the more advanced. In our 11-point plan for streaming success, we take a look at some of the kit you might need, and check out some of the basic software and technical skills you should be looking at mastering.

download speeds to desktop computers, smart TVs and mobiles. And while many may dream of making the next big- budget blockbuster, the reality is that for the independent filmmakers, many of their existing clients are looking to get their message out across via YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope and Facebook Live. And the global Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this demand. Withmillions of people being ordered to stay at home and keep a safe distance from others to avoid infection, the demand for live broadcast of just about anything you could think of – from religious services to new product launches, fitness and business coaching – is going through the roof. Andwhen the coronavirus nightmare comes to an end, it’s highly unlikely things will return to the old version of ‘normal’. Personalised live streaming of niche content will be here to stay, and many clients will search for more professional services rather than social media-based streamers. Many may have dipped a toe in the water with their social media intern waving an iPhone around for a Facebook Live broadcast, but there has quickly been the realisation that this doesn’t represent a brand in a professional manner. If you already make corporate films and branded

“Personalised live streaming of niche content will be here to stay”

LEFT This fun motorbike race was livestreamed for client Red Bull. If you master streaming, there are lots of opportunities



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