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IDX is one of the biggest suppliers of high-tech batteries to filmmakers in the UK, with a vast range of products to fit Sony NP-F and BP-U. But the Japanese company worked closely with Sony to invent the V-Lock system, for which it has a global reputation as an innovator. The IPL series of rugged, high-power V-Mount batteries have been industry- standard for decades. The latest 150 and 98Wh units in the range allow up to four batteries to be joined together to provide lots of juice. These cells have dual D-Tap outputs with up to 80W draw, USB-A output, an LED torch, intelligent communication with cameras and are legal for air travel. Maximum draw is 11.4A on the larger unit, 10.9A on the smaller one – but 14A when batteries are linked. A more compact series is the Endura Duo line, available in 98, 150 and 198Wh

there is a second D-Tap DC output again rated at up to 80W. IDX also has the Imicro series of compact batteries, with 98 and 150Wh versions that both put out 14A maximum draw and have a D-Tap and intelligent D-Tap, LED torch and power indicator. A less expensive option is the new Cue-H range in 90, 135 and 180Wh sizes. These don’t have advanced D-Tap connections, so can’t be charged by the compact VL-DT charger. IDX offers a range of chargers, with the flagship VL-2000S designed for the stackable IPL series. The most popular is the dual-sequential VL-4X.

sizes – designed for long runtimes. They have two D-Tap outlets – one of which is intelligent for charging as well as power output – and a USB socket. On the Duo-C range this is a standard USB-A, but on the latest Duo-CP it is a USB-C port – offering up to 60W at 20v for fast charging and the ability to power a vast range of equipment. Unique to IDX is the D-Tap advanced socket. It has a conventional DC output rated at 80W, but will permit controlled charging from the IDX VL-DT1 – that’s a lightweight travel charger with battery protection – via the third pin on the D-Tap advanced socket. In addition,



Swit builds good-value products that work great, such as the PB-S220S – a multi-socket battery pack for cinema cameras. The 200Wh version has four D-Tap outlets and a USB, outputting a constant load of 200W and 16A. It accepts 6A superfast charging and intelligently displays power on Sony and Red cinema cameras, as well as having an LCD display showing remaining runtime. Also high-spec but in a smaller size is the PB-S146S, which is a mid-capacity alternative to the square PB-S220S. Yet, the pack can still support a 200W/16A constant load. The high current is perfect for powering COB LED lights. The 146Wh battery has two D-Tap sockets and a USB output. The smaller, flight-friendly 98Wh PB-S98S is very similar in spec – apart from its maximum load of 150W/12A.

Jupio has spent the last 16 years building

up a huge business

as one of the leaders in aftermarket batteries for Australia, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. Impressively, its offerings often exceed the original manufacturers’ specs. Now, the range of over 400 types of battery is available in the UK. Jupio tests each battery and publishes the true mAh rating for every type, and boasts direct partnerships that ensure its cells are one of the first to the market when new cameras are announced. As all the tooling is made in-house, they are always a perfect fit. Jupio batteries are 100% memory- free, include an extensive three-year warranty and are guaranteed for a minimum of 500 charge/discharge cycles. Jupio uses recycled materials whenever possible, too. There are standard-style batteries for mirrorless and DSLR, but we like the Jupio Proline, which is the new range designed for high-end camera and camcorder users. The Jupio Proline NP-F970 is a Sony- fit premium battery with a capacity of 10,050mAh/72.4Wh. It has an LCD display which shows the remaining power and voltage.

Swit also makes a V-Mount hot-swap plate. The KA-S30S extended plate has its own with battery cells inside, so you can swap out a fresh V-Mount battery. The plate will take over the power supply until a new battery is mounted, so you don’t need to switch off the camera. Its aluminium housing has four battery cells inside with a 14.4v nominal voltage, 43Wh capacity and a 200W constant high load rating. At full capacity, the plate will ensure at least two minutes at 200W load to let you change the main battery. The hot-swap plate has an LCD screen to display a countdown in seconds when changing battery. It has a two-pin Lemo output and eight-pin Lemo input, and comes with an adapter for cameras that don’t have a V-Mount plate.



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