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discharge to give 400W of continuous power – very handy! The horizontally mounted Bebob batteries have a large locking connector and most of the pin terminals feature protective covers. The cells also allow for communication between batteries and cameras or lighting equipment, to give an accurate readout of run and charge time. The batteries come with customised V-Mount and Gold Mount adapter plates. They are available in 90, 155 and 290Wh ratings, as well as a 90Wh hot- swappable option and two chargers, for two or four batteries at a time.

With increasing demands for powerful cameras and accessories, German battery maker Bebob launched the B-Mount interface as an open standard, offering high power and multi-voltage capability. It’s officially endorsed by Arri, but is compatible with lots of high-end equipment and powers 12v systems, too. The B-Mount can run at almost triple the power of traditional systems. As it provides native dual-voltage, it can be used with a wide range of gear, so all devices could run from a single system. Compared to some 26v batteries with 20A peak, Bebob provides 20A continuous


Hawk-Woods has a huge range of batteries to suit all filmmaking – from drones to cinema cameras and everything in-between. There are kits to use a V-Lock battery to power a Magsafe Macbook, Red Komodo, Teradek Bolt and plenty more. Its battery box system is a floor- standing power pack that covers high power or long runtime for cameras or lighting, in sizes ranging from 450Wh to 1000Wh. The X-Boxx units are available in 14, 24 or 30v and feature two XLR outputs, either three- or four-pin depending on voltage. The latest mini X-Boxx floor battery is more compact and lighter than its predecessors, complete with a new display that features remaining runtime, plus voltage and charging status. The MXB-880 box provides 880Wh with four outputs, featuring two XLR4 14v and two XLR3 28v connectors. This also includes a built-in charger, although you can still power via one of the XLR4 connectors with a Hawk- Woods X-Boxx charger. For conventional V-Lock batteries ideal for more compact cameras, the Hawk-Woods 98Wh Mini V-Lok Data offers all the features of the standard V-Lock battery in a smaller, more lightweight form. The Data version has an auto-reset feature, so if the battery were to shut down and go into protection mode on location, it resets automatically. It also has an intelligent comms system compatible with Reds. A flight-safe 98Wh/6.8Ah model is perfect for carry-on luggage, plus there’s a 150Wh/10.4Ah version. Both house a single D-Tap socket. Hawk-Woods also has a range of ultra-small V-Mount chargers, such as the VL-MX1, which powers up one mini battery at a time. The VL-MX2 is a double charger for the same batteries, replenishing the cells simultaneously to get you going again quickly. The VL- MX8 eight-channel semi-sequential charger is relatively compact.


hot-swap plate in order to double the battery capacity. The Hypercore line remains, and there are different styles such as the Neo Slim and Mini or the compact Nano series for Canon, Sony and Panasonic camcorders. Ideal for smaller cinema cameras, mirrorless and DSLR, the Powerbase Edge is a small-form V-Mount pack. This 14.8v lithium-ion unit includes one 8v port to power cameras, two USB outputs and two D-Tap outputs. There are an assortment of dummy battery cable attachments available, which insert into that 8v port. Two D-Taps power monitors, lights, wireless transmitters and more. The two USB-A ports power any 5v accessories. Normal runtime is roughly eight hours on a mirrorless or camcorder. For chargers, the Mach series can charge four 98Wh packs in about 100 minutes. The latest Mach4 Micro has Adaptive Charge Control and Safefly. Adaptive Charge Control improves battery longevity and performance by up to 30% over the life of the pack. And Safefly mode allows you to carry one system for both charge and discharge – ideal for travel.

Core SWX is one of the best-known makers of batteries and chargers in the world, used by lots of productions from Hollywood movies to local indie filmmaking specialists. The latest innovations are the intelligent Helix Max packs, part of the Helix ecosystem. This hosts the tech of the Hypercore Neo – the former flagship range – but now adds dual 14v/28v simultaneous voltage output. When a Helix Max is fixed to an Arri B-Mount or Helix V/G-fit plate, it provides 28v. If joined to standard plates, they revert to the standard 14v. There is a maximum output of 20A at 14v – or 10A at 28v. The Helix Max comes in 98Wh and 150Wh sizes, and can be used with a Helix



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