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Power at the core of your system High-tech batteries

and chargers from Core SWX are the ideal match for whatever type of equipment you use W ith filmmaking kit increasingly complex and often power-hungry, professionals require a whole range of reliable charging solutions to make sure nothing runs out of juice during those crucial shots. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes you might need a large, multi-volt battery to power the latest Red cinema camera or LED light. Or maybe a smaller and more portable pack is the order of the day – for a slider, monitor or lighter camera like a mirrorless or camcorder. Whether you are shooting a Hollywood movie, TV broadcast or Its latest innovations are Helix Max packs, part of an ecosystem that’s the most complete onboard camera battery set-up. These include all the features of a popular Hypercore NEO, with the added function of dual 14v/28v simultaneous voltage output. commercial work, Core SWX has a solution for you and your budget. Once Helix Max is connected to a Helix V/G-Mount or Arri B-Mount plate, the pack switches to a series cell arrangement to provide high voltage. Removed from the mount plate, it converts to a parallel cell arrangement for all standard 14v equipment and chargers.

A PERFECT PARTNER The Core SWX Mach4 can charge four batteries simultaneously – in quick time

“The Mach4 Micro is the most advanced charger on the market, with Adaptive Charge Control”

changes in cell performance over time to minimise degradation and capacity loss. Mach4 Micro chargers include SafeFly mode with stand-alone discharge when AC mains power is not present. This allows you to carry one system for both charge membrane button console, or via the Voltbridge app, chargers will discharge packs to under 30%. By initiating SafeFly mode when the charger is connected to AC mains, the system will either discharge or charge packs to 30%, ensuring all are ready for shipment. Helix Max and Mach solutions are available in B-Mount, V-Mount and G-Mount. and discharge of battery packs. With one touch of the onboard

With a maximum output of 20A at 14v (10A at 28v), the Helix Max is capable of handling the most demanding situations. Available in 98Wh and 150Wh models, the packs provide ample runtime in most camera and lighting applications, but can also be used in conjunction with a Helix Hotswap plate to double battery capacity. For chargers, the Mach series is very fast. These offer simultaneous 4A current, powering four 98Wh packs in under 100 minutes. The units have an all-aluminium build and are made in the US. The latest Mach4 Micro is the most advanced charger on the market, with features such as Adaptive Charge Control and SafeFly mode. Adaptive Charge Control uses Core SWX’s new technology to improve battery longevity and performance by up to 30% over the life of the pack. This algorithm evaluates the battery based on age, cycle count and last full charge capacity to determine the best routine. While in charge mode, it continually monitors the pack and adjusts as needed. This process ensures top-performing packs are charged as fast as possible, while older ones are powered up efficiently, accounting for

MAX POWER If you run a power-hungry cinema camera like the latest Arri, or want to juice up lights and sliders, the Core SWX Helix Max is a neat solution

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