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Hall 11, stand D25 Atomos The Melbourne-based company – synonymous with on-camera monitor/recorders – has gone on to incorporate large format recorders and cloud-connected devices in its impressive, innovative portfolio. Its latest Connect technology adds a whole new world of simplified and streamlined production – all via the cloud. Camera-to-cloud significantly speeds up content creation, by reducing the time it takes to get from acquisition to post-production. There’s no waiting for hard drives to be shipped, or files to be copied. Proxy files are uploaded directly to the cloud from the camera, so editors and remote stakeholders can start working immediately. Atomos has developed new file- transfer technology, so the upload of proxy file starts as soon as the camera begins recording. The only requirement is an internet connection. Keep an eye out for…

Keep an eye out for…


Hall 12, stand C25 IDX will be providing power to the people with its broad range of battery solutions. Highlights include the Imicro, Cue-H, Duo-C and flagship IPL ranges. Imicro combines small size with a high draw of 14A; D-Tap options are available for both output and charging (via D-Tap 2). The cost-effective Cue-H range now has four capacities, all offering D-Tap output. Making the most of advances in cell technology, the Cue-H90 manages to pack 90Wh of power into the same space as the old Cue-D75, reducing weight and size, but not capacity. Cue-H135 and 180 use the

Duo-C98P goes from empty to full in only 130 minutes. Finally, the IPL range is ideal for those who want uninterrupted high draw.

same-size shell as the old 95, increasing power-to-space ratio. Duo-CP adds versatility with USB PD. This connector offers 5, 9, 12, 15 and 20v output at a 60W delivery. When charging,

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