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provides frame-accurate lens distortion and shading data for the VFX industry. This is essential for digital compositing and matchmoving, in order to achieve a cinematic result that is as realistic and precise as possible. From the Zeiss stand, you won’t have to move far to see the lighting experts at

“When visiting Euro Cine Expo, we were impressed by the diminutive HydraPanel”

Astera (G43). The company provides a broad range of LED solutions, including tubes, pixel bars, individual lights of varying strengths, controllers and more. When visiting Euro Cine Expo, we were impressed by the diminutive HydraPanel – a battery-powered unit that pushes out an impressive 1300 lumens across the full spectrum, thanks to the Titan LED Engine. The panels can be used individually or in a group of up to four, and offer further flexibility thanks to six modifiers, IP65 waterproofing and both wired and wireless DMX. Rounding off Hall 12’s highlights is Vocas (D25), which provides a wide range

of accessories, including matte boxes, rig items and follow focus systems – alongside brand-specific add-ons for the likes of Sony, Arri, Red and Canon. The company’s five-axis dioptre holder is a particularly neat item for those who like to experiment. Using different dioptres like the strip, letterbox or split field allows users to create interesting results at the same time as varied focus effects. The holder allows any 138mm dioptre and, due to its flexible cuff, will fit any lens perfectly. Next door, Hall 11 presents another rich seam of relevant exhibitors, including Canon, Red, MRMC and

FOR COMPLEX SHOTS Zeiss CinCraft Mapper provides frame-accurate lens data – pushing forward VFX tech


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