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Editor’s letter Photo 24

Being on your feet taking pictures for 24 hours is a serious feat of endurance but that’s what more than 150 PN readersmanaged last month. Our Photo 24 event in London, in association with Nikon and Nikon School, startedwith 250 readers so to emerge 24 hours later with 150 still standing is amazing.Well done to everyone who came along and supported the event. I’ll own up and say I didn’t do 24 hours myself. I had a couple of power naps but my excuse – and I’m sticking to it! – was that I was working so I was allowed breaks. During the days building up to Photo 24 I checked the weather forecast hoping for good news. It wasn’t looking promising with rain forecast for much of the first day. I am sure most of our Photo 24-ers had no problemphotographing in the rain, but there’sa difference between coping with the odd shower and torrential downpours. While many digital cameras areweather-proofed so canwork away in the most inclement conditions the bigger issue is keeping the lens free of raindrops. I got caught up in two heavy showers. For the first one late Saturday afternoon, I ended up sheltering in a Pizza Express doorway which was fortuitous because I am quite partial to pizza so took the opportunity to refuel. For the second, at about 11.30pm, Iwaswith 60 readers walking through the city and the only cover was under that iconic building, the Gherkin. Hmm, a load of tripod-toting photographers standing on private property late at night, I wondered how long it would be until the building’s security team made an appearance. It was about five minutes and to be honest the security chap was very fair so thank you Mr SecurityMan for being decent. He just asked us to keep the building’s entrance clear and not to point cameras into the building.

Earlier, I’d spent sunset at the top of the Shard with 70 readers. The view is spectacular but taking pictures is a challenge. Firstly, it was busy with other visitors, and then there were the reflections, the dirty glass and later on as light levels fell, hand-holding at slow shutter speeds as tripod use was not allowed. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience and one I’d be happy to enjoy again, hopefully with a better sunset next time. Something else I’d be happy to try again was travelling around central London on a classic red bus. We booked two buses with TimeLine Events to take us around London in the very early hours, stopping at vantage points to take pictures of the bus. So we shot around Piccadilly Circus, Victoria Embankment, Horse Guards Avenue andWestminster Bridge. It was brilliant. We all missed one of the potentially best pictures of the bus tour, though. We pulled up opposite the Palace of Westminster. There was the beginning of some colour in the sky, a huge puddle made for a lovely reflection and the Palace made a fabulous background. It was inevitable that a red bus and 30 photographers at 3.30am would attract attention and we got moved on. Pity, but that’s modern life, and we got plenty of shots in other areas. On the whole, this year’s Photo 24, our fourth, was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and got some great pictures out of it. We certainly enjoyedmeeting everyone. If you couldn’t make it this year, we will start promoting the 2017 event fromMarch next year, so keep your eye on PN .

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