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A Samsung 64GB Pro memory card Enter the competition on page 56 WIN!

Lens special

First tests Three gadgets to improve your shooting, page 18

Technologies, users & optics from 11 brands, frompage 22

Hasselblad gomirrorless The X1D from Hasselblad is as real game changer, a medium-format mirrorless camera with 50 megapixels

Pentax K-70 Head for the outdoors. Hot on the heels of its first full-frame DSLR, the K-1, comes Pentax’s all-weather DSLR, the K-70. Priced at £599.99 body only, it’s a very competitively priced all conditions DSLR … continue reading on page 3

First it revealed its groundbreaking new flagship H6D, now Hasselblad has unveiled its smaller and more affordable sibling, the X1D, a medium-format CSC that weighs in at less than half the size. It costs £7188 (includes VAT) body only and yet still has at its heart the same 50-megapixel CMOS sensor. Compact, stylishly designed and highly portable while still delivering

all the benefits of medium-format capture, such as exceptional resolution and 14 stops of dynamic range, the X1D is seen by Hasselblad as having the potential to be a real game changer, a camera that will encourage those using the top 35mm cameras to migrate upwards. Accompanying the X1D are two new integral central shutter lenses specifically designed for the

camera – a 45mm and 95mm – with a third, a 35mm, set to follow later this year. The optics are said to be capable of rivalling the quality of lenses designed for full size H-series cameras, while an optional adapter will also allow all 12 lenses and lens accessories from the H-Series to be used with the camera as well.

Read the CEO on the X1D, page 3

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