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“Taking on finance to fund equipment has, like everything, become more expensive recently. The speed at which models are superseded means depreciation is always working against you. “Many pros who hire see it as an invaluable service. It’s an extension of their kitbag that enables them to take on additional work, or simply supplement a shoot with kit that wouldn’t otherwise earn its keep. “We accept that hiring isn’t right 100% of the time. For those that can purchase equipment, we provide a means to evaluate prospective purchases hands-on before parting with hard-earned cash.” While some rental houses may be more limited in their offerings, for those like Hireacamera, the opportunities are nearly limitless. “What we can cater to depends on what a crew wants to achieve,” Beard explains. “We’ve provided kit for upwards of a dozen roving events teams, we regularly rent to mainstream productions, and we also supply kit to more niche teams, like those working in 3D motion capture application.”

WHY RENT? Owned kit costs you money whenever it’s latent – hired kit offers much more flexibility

“The speed at which models are superseded now means depreciation is always working against you”

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