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“It’s a win-win. Filmmakers can focus on what they do best and rental houses can stock without fear of hiked prices”

Of course, one factor that hasn’t yet been addressed is availability. For rentals large and small, or with last-minute additions, getting kit into the hands of its user in a timely fashion is paramount. It’s a factor Hireacamera – and any comparably reputable house – values highly. “Traditionally, hiring kit has meant you need to travel to a hire facility in order to pick up and return the gear, often while racing the clock to closing time. We can deliver next-day nationwide, or have kit delivered to one of 135 available locations.”

STEADY HANDS Sub- rental companies keep the flow of kit running to maintain this fast- paced industry 24/7

In today’s climate, Beard’s closing thoughts circle cost. The filmmaking industry has remained strong in the face of innumerable trials, but perhaps only thanks to considered decision making – and certainly only by utilising the distinct expertise available. “Operating costs continue to rise for everybody, and while you might not be able to make changes in other areas, tax-deductible gear rental is simply a good way to ease cash flow.” WHO RENTS TO RENTERS? Some rental houses own and maintain all their own kit, but others choose to rent themselves, either through the year or in times of increased demand. That’s where sub-rental providers like Video Europe – the continent’s largest – come in. They work much the same as consumer rental houses, but on a purely business-to-business basis. “Over the 26 years I’ve been involved, rental has changed considerably,” says Matt Marner, Video Europe director. “There are more companies than ever before.”

In fact, the brand has been in business for almost double Marner’s tenure. It’s testament to Video Europe’s business practice, but also the industry more broadly. “We own several million pounds of equipment, so the scale at which we can supply houses is high. We’re also a true 24/7, 365 operation, serving clients around the globe,” he reveals. “We have amazing in-house techs to service our equipment, but I believe more than anything else, a willingness to go above and beyond for customers makes all the difference.” Decades in, it’s no surprise Marner and Video Europe’s support for rental is steadfast, but looking at the bigger picture, reasoning is undeniably sound. “It’s a win-win for everyone. Filmmakers can focus on what they do best – telling the story with the best tools available – and rental houses can stock those tools without fear of facing hiked prices for the next job they quote on.” There’s the key: a seamless pipeline of supply, in a time when demand has never been higher.


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