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Apretty pair A duo of Irix lenses represent the widest and longest lenses in our

GOTY awards prime lens category, but can one of them steal top spot? R elatively new on the cine lens scene, Irix is already making waves. The current line-up consists of an 11mmT/4.3, 15mm T/2.6, 45mmT/1.5 and 150mmT/3 Macro. Two of the brand’s offerings are in the running for best prime lens in this year’s GOTY awards. The 15mm and 150mm are the widest and longest inclusions in our shortlist. Each one offers something unique and impressive. So, let’s take a closer look. Future ready With reasonable pricing and an advanced set of features, the Irix cine lens range is perfect for skilled enthusiasts and independent professionals – all the way up to those working on high-end productions. A number of industry-standard design points are a feature of all four lenses, including the standard 95mmdiameter for accessories such as matte boxes, 0.8 pitch gearing on the aperture and focus rings and two¼ threads on the lens foot. A wide variety of lens mounts open the lenses up to virtually all camera users. It’s clear future planning has beenmade on Irix’s part, withmounts like Canon RF, Nikon Z and Lumix L accommodating mirrorless systems. In addition tomirrorless cameras, PL-Mount and Canon C-Mount are available for advanced cinema camera use, though DSLR bodies such as Sony E-mount and Canon EFmount are still catered for. Across this range, full-frame coverage is assured over a 43.3mm area, but Micro Four Thirds mounts are also available. The Irix 15mmT/2.6 and 150mmT/3 Macro offer supreme sharpness, making them ideal companions for cameras like the 8K-capable Canon EOS R, the video

helping to achieve a natural look. In addition to this and the lens’ crystal-clear image, neutral colour rendering completes

powerhouse Lumix S1H and whatever else the next few years may bring. Usability hasn’t been sacrificed in place of impressive specs, though, in fact far from it. Just as much thought has been put into handling as it has performance. There are a number of very pleasing touches, including the same aperture and focus ring placement on all four lenses regardless of overall length, engraved and UV-reactive markings for use in low light and a unique magnetic mounting system for filters and other accessories. There’s also the matter of the innovative adaptive ring, which provides compatibility with various follow-focus rigs while still preserving the convenience and creative control of manual focus. This level of attention to detail canmake all the difference when it comes to everyday use. The long and short of it Looking at the Irix 15mmT/2.6 and 150mmT/3 Macro, it’s easy to see they’re something special. The 15mmoffers huge panoramic scope, particularly when used at its true focal length with a full-frame camera. Despite this, little distortion is present and the lens offers a pleasing rectilinear image thanks to its optical design. Barrel distortion isn’t an issue. Focus breathing is alsominimised offering a soft transition of focus plane,

the trifecta of cinematic beauty. Wrapped up in a compact and

lightweight package that’s 89mm long and weighs 890g, the 15mm isn’t out of place on any set-up, even small mirrorless systems. For the Irix 150mmT/3 Macro, you can expect all the same optical quality as others in the set. It features near zero distortion and 11 rounded aperture blades help create a beautiful, soft bokeh. At an ideal mid-telephoto length and with a true 1:1 ratio, the lens does precisely what’s required of macro glass. Going further even than its siblings, the 150mm is designed with internal focusing, meaning there’s absolutely no focus breathing and nomovement or rotation of the front element. This helps with resistance to dust. The 150mmT/3 Macro and 15mmT/2.6 both offer weather sealing. At 136mm in length and 1.1kg in weight, the telephoto is slightly larger than the 15mm. Rest assured, though, that even with smaller and lighter camera bodies, the 150mm is a well-suited companion, especially given its support foot. There’s a strong case to be made for both lenses as they vie to become number one. But will they be crowned the peoples’ favourite? That’s for you to decide.

You can buy Irix cine lenses now through select retailers: CVP, Wex Photo Video, CameraWorld, Carmarthen Cameras, Harrison Cameras and Dale Photographic Ltd. HOWTO GET HOLD OF IRIX LENSES

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