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L ast month, six experts behind the industry’s most revered equipment rental companies gave us an insight into tech trends, such as how the launch of new cameras – like the Sony Venice 2, Arri S35 4K and Red V-Raptor XL – undoubtedly give more creative choice, but could lead to oversaturation in business. We also touched on the pandemic, and how it sadly decimated some operations, but also transformed others, bringing about a change that could be capitalised on – such as Dynamic Rentals’ Long Term Rental programme. Finally, the panel gave us a fascinating snapshot into how they found their niche in this highly competitive sector. In part two, we have more titbits to uncover, as we discuss the sensors, formats and lenses of the future, in addition to the importance of rental houses offering training and education, alongside sustainable products and service. What will camera sensors and formats look like in the next few years? Have you noticed a demand for a certain type? TOM JAY SMITH: I was very vocal about full-frame/large format when it was driving product releases a few years ago. It seemed nobody was asking for it, but manufacturers needed to sell more products. However, I’m a total convert. FF/LF is stunning, and any time I’m impressed with what I see on-screen and

Manufacturers would be best placed developing better-quality sensors, with less noise, more sensitivity and DR, rather than concentrating on making them ever larger with more pixels! MATT BEARD : You can see this reflected in our product range, which is why – in addition to the tried and tested – we carry the largest range of mirrorless cameras and lenses in the industry, covering 12 different mounts and 14 manufacturers. These cameras are currently at the forefront of technological change and performance, achieving results that seemed impossible only 12 or 18 months ago. The 8K Raw in-camera, 120fps with full AF, eye tracking with eye control, or the four-axis gimbal Ronin

search for the camera/lens choice, it’s always FF/LF. The new Arri S35 4K is certainly a boost for the Super 35 market – every rental house has a generous amount of glass, and will be pleased to see Arri continue to support that format. JESSICA LOLLIOT: The drive to full-frame from manufacturers will continue, and now we are seeing glass having to catch up with this, with lens manufacturers developing smaller and lighter zoom options, full-frame anamorphics, as well as clever interchangeable options (between Super 35 and FF). As expected, the move to 8K (and beyond) continues, although we find it difficult to justify the increased resolutions and data rates for everyday shoots.

“FF/LF is stunning, and any time I’m impressed with what I see on-screen and search for the camera/lens choice, it’s always FF/LF”

TOM JAY SMITH Chief sales officer, Dynamic Rentals

JESSICA LOLLIOT Commercial director, Pro Motion Hire

MATT BEARD Sales director, Hireacamera

After a decade at Video Europe, Smith moved to Dynamic Rentals in 2019 and helped pioneer the company’s unique, long-term rental programme for high-quality cameras.

Having worked in the industry for ten years, Lolliot ensures Pro Motion Hire’s clients have the best advice and equipment across a wide range of genres, from natural history to drama.

Starting in key accounts at Canon in 2007, Beard has a wealth of industry and business development experience that he brings to Hireacamera, which is known for its 24/7 online availability and delivery.


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