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4D camera... the list goes on. What’s more, what these small-form cameras can achieve for the relative cost, makes some of the top-end solutions look bewilderingly expensive. This is backed up by the huge increase we have seen in cross hire, as camera manufacturers push their own native mounts on increasingly higher-end cameras, to expand capabilities and leverage their expanding ranges of lenses. ANDREW PRIOR: Large format/full-frame is very popular at the moment, and will continue to be so. There is also demand for Super 35 4K, which is why Arri is about to launch a new one. Arri sees these as the two most popular formats in 2022 and beyond. Although digital cameras are very widely used, we are also still seeing interest in traditional film – both 35mm and 16mm – as well as 65mm, which capture large-scale select sequences on feature films. MATT MARNER: There are so many options, it is hard to tell. I think Super 35 and large format will be the breadwinners for the next few years at least! There’s always been huge choice for lenses. Are these changing to meet the evolution of digital cameras? How can rental houses continue to thrive with such a large stock of lenses, that might not always be out on productions? SMITH: The reality is that most rental businesses are only valued at what their assets are worth. For this very reason, glass is often the safest and best investment. In my opinion, there’s a correlation between the older, or more profitable, rental houses and the size of their glass inventory. Once fully

depreciated, the glass can produce profit for decades. It also seems to be a differentiator on who wins the project. With more custom products or custom rehousings, it’s an incredibly tough time to choose what to invest in. We’ve built our LTR around cameras, so our clients can spend their capex on glass and build more equity in their business. LOLLIOT: Yes, lenses are changing to meet the demand created by full-frame cameras – and we are seeing new releases from all the major manufacturers. Most of our investments this year will be centred around growing our range. They continue to be the key feature for DOPs on any kit list, so it’s vital to have a wide selection, for a variety of looks. With the Chameleon and Blackwing lenses offering options and tunability through the range, I think we will see

this trend continue – which is a good thing for rental houses! Also, as explained previously, being able to easily change the mount and image circle of lenses means far more ‘bang for your buck’, giving those on tighter budgets more possibilities than simply the best lens on the market. “Most investments will be centred around growing our range. Lenses continue to be the key feature for DOPs on any kit list, so it’s vital to have a wide selection”

ANDREW PRIOR Head of camera technology and development UK, Arri Rental

DANA HARRISON Director of UK operations, Arri Rental

MATT MARNER Director, Video Europe

Harrison helps identify gaps in business processes and provide leadership within operational teams, to determine appropriate business re-engineering to close the gaps.

Founded in 1973, Marner saw a niche in the sub-rental market to deliver the high-quality equipment and support that DOPs expect, exclusively to other rental houses.

Arri Rental is built on a bedrock of knowledge, dating back more than a century – and Prior has been integral to expanding on that since 2004.

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