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WORKING TO SCALE Nyx Bulbs come either as single units or in packs of eight – same for the PowerStations

ADD SOME DRAMA With the perfect colour rendering and vibrant whites, get the best out of your set

cap versions available to suit all markets. The units can be run via a DC socket with a standard power bank or external batteries, for which a USB cable is included. A dual power option offers even more versatility, which can be 90-240V AC via an E27 socket (E26 in the US). Due to its compact form, it is the first Astera light source with external battery options (rather than inbuilt). TOTAL CONTROL Astera has kept all control options on the table, and this includes the built-in LumenRadio wireless DMX, which can be run via any standard DMX lighting console. Nyx Bulbs can be run locally from the quick and intuitive Astera app, a favoured method for many best boys and gaffers on busy sets, where rapid response and set-up is essential. Users can also control the lights from their smartphones, via an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver: a new feature that means an

ART7 AsteraBox is not needed. The first Astera Nyx Bulb that is connected via the Bluetooth signal enables the control of all Nyx Bulbs in a 100-metre range. Cup Bouncer is another handy accessory! When Nyx Bulbs are used in conjunction with lampshades or other coverings, this is attached via a suction cup and reflects light back towards the base, controlling the light spread. The Astera PowerStation is an accessory with a built-in battery unit to power the bulbs. This can also be used to programme Nyx Bulbs with parameters like DMX addresses, or colours via its display and keyboard. When the Nyx Bulb is disconnected, these settings are retained. Rear-side magnets for hanging the PowerStation together with an integrated airline track, where several mounting grips and accessories can be connected, all enhance the practical options for how and where Nyx Bulbs can be installed. They are available as single units or in sets of eight, complete with a PowerStation inside the carry case for charging and programming the bulbs. The PowerStation is also available as a single stand-alone unit, or as a set of eight PowerStations in a charging case, for setting up eight Nyx Bulbs efficiently. Astera has got everything covered with a neat, powerful, versatile, small and exceptionally cool tool.

manager of sales specialist Controllux, in Belgium. “All our customers were thrilled to see the Nyx Bulb on the market, and it’s fantastic to see Astera’s forethought in creating entire families of products utilising the same LED engine, but so different in style and product type.” While Parnell comments that he most often uses Nyx Bulbs as replacements for classic bulbs that are in shot, rather than as an effect or look, others have taken a completely different approach. Darren Russell from Elite Event Technology, Canberra took a different route with the lights at One22, a new music bar and entertainment concept in the city. The venture opened in a creatively reimagined space, that has long served party people. The lighting design includes 60 Nyx Bulbs in an individually mapped ceiling art piece. The product was perfect for this, due to its light weight and controllability. It can be powered via an E27 socket (E26 in the US version), with both bayonet and screw

SETTING THE MOOD Use the Nyx Bulb in creative ways – from production, to enhancing the atmosphere of a live event

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