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LIGHT MAGIC Named after the mysterious goddess of night, the Astera Nyx LED Bulb is subtle, yet powerful

“Astera has got everything covered with a neat, powerful, versatile, small and exceptionally cool tool” The impressive, 750-lumen output is comparable to a conventional 60W light bulb, yet it draws just 10W of power. As well as looking great, it is sustainable and eco-friendly, in a world where productions and events are under pressure to be as carbon conscious as possible. IN MORTAL HANDS The Nyx Bulb is designed for gaffers, DOPs, best boys, lighting and set designers, visual artists, and anyone needing stunning ‘practicals’ or outstanding feature lighting bulbs anytime, anywhere. In addition to movie shoots and television studios, it is perfect for theatrical sets and scenic elements on tour shows and live events. Matt Parnell of Mirror Film Lighting is a freelance gaffer, best boy and lighting operator based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a big fan of the Nyx Bulb: “It’s an incredible piece of kit for film and TV production, and the white is really good on camera, which is often the biggest challenge for an LED fixture.”

This is an area where Astera have really concentrated their R&D. The accurate white tones feature an ultra-high CRI and TLCI, at 96-98 and 3200K to 6500K, respectively – which is perfect for the close lighting of people and faces. It evokes the best skin tonalities, with a tunable white range from 1750–20,000K. The RGB, mint and amber LED engine offers excellent colour rendering, with a full range of beautiful, precise colours unlocked through digital calibration. These happily scroll from the richest saturates to the most delicate and subtle pastels – and precise gel filter numbers can also be accurately reproduced. “This is LED as good as it gets!” stated Mattias Ternoot, business development

ASTERA HAS TRAILBLAZED enough groundbreaking wireless LED lighting products to understand that each launch has its own sense of anticipation and excitement. Unleashing the highly adaptable Nyx Bulb in 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, was a risky move, but it certainly paid off – and was a welcome flash of positive energy! The name was inspired by Nyx, Greek goddess of the night – a mysterious figure with exceptional power and beauty, feared even by king of the gods Zeus. With a badass rep to live up to, this cool little bulb has become a hit in so many places – from film sets and video shoots, to theatre stages and events, even art installations and lounge bars. The Astera Nyx is the same size as a standard LED bulb, and was the world’s first colour-tunable LED bulb developed for professional film, stage and event production use. With a built-in CRMX receiver for wireless DMX, plus RF and Bluetooth modules for control via the Astera app on a smartphone or tablet, Astera once again made straightforward and fuss- free wireless control a key feature. Like all other Astera products, they have not boxed themselves into a corner, and wired operation is still an option. Pioneering wireless technology has helped Astera set trends in the past, but as sales director Sebastian Bückle asserts: “It’s important not to shut the door on more traditional control methodology. There are still so many circumstances where lights need to be run wired.” Incorporating Astera’s Titan LED engine has also been essential to the product – an element that has been developed and finessed by the company, in order to deliver the most vibrant colour ranges and authentic whites. The Titan engine enables full continuity of colours and behaviour between all of the Astera product ranges. This is a massive benefit when using multiple light sources on an integrated project like a film, video, theatre or stage set.

LIVING UP TO THE NAME Named after the Greek goddess, these Nyx Bulbs are sure to pack a punch


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