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There’s nothing more integral to LED volumes than the panels themselves, and few companies are advancing the available technology quite like ROE Visual

WHEN IT BROKE out as a production method, one aspect of virtual production technology became abundantly clear: not just any LED panel can cut it. Immediate issues included a lack of detail and contrast, reflections, scan rates and more – all of which impact the final on-camera results. ROE Visual has been developing solutions for all of these challenges since virtual production was in its infancy. In the simplest terms, they’re an industry game- changer. But how? ROE Visual LED panels have been designed for very demanding use, made from high-quality parts that are up to the task of delivering the best possible visuals, but with enough power and capacity. That translates into both the quality and the behaviour of the LED screen for in-camera use. Good examples are the innovative Ruby LED panel, using common cathode technology and equipped with 4in1 LEDs that reduce reflections. Or the Black Pearl BP2 and BP2V2 – now the standard in virtual production applications worldwide. ROE Visual LED panels match perfectly with market demand, increasing contrast and maximising on brightness. Both of these are much looked-after features on film sets, where LED panels are used as an additional light-source; the resulting capture has to be seen to be believed.

thanks to powerful driver IC capacity. The resulting images are smooth and free from artefacts. The best possible XR performance requires the most advanced LED panels. On that front, ROE Visual is unmatched.

The refresh rate of any LED is a key consideration, as lower rates cause flickering, both on set and in-camera. The optimal solution is to create a significant divide between the refresh of the panel and the camera. Like the Black Pearl BP2V2, ROE Visual LEDs can reach speeds up to 7680Hz, making the best results possible. Refresh rate isn’t to be confused with frame rate. Within virtual production, many DOPs desiring a high frame-rate capture of performers are held back by slower LED backgrounds. The real challenge is content rendering at common camera frame rates, such as 120fps. But almost all LEDs in the ROE Visual family won’t hold you back. Following ROE Visual’s recent partnerships with award-winning disguise and trusted name Arri, the advanced LEDs are more technically sound than ever. Viewing angle is high, meaning camera freedom without colour shifts – 95% of the DCI-P3 colour space is covered to fulfil HDR requirements, and scan rates remain high, “The advanced LEDs are more technically sound than ever”

FUTURE-PROOF LEDs create maximum flexibility in production and make immersive sets for actors

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