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EXTENDING REALITY GhostFrame’s LED volume technology is expanding at a rapid rate, with new partnerships, testing and studios. Does it herald a new dawn of filmmaking?

NEW FRONTIER GhostFrame is expanding the already impressive creative potential of virtual production, while reducing time spent on set – and in post-production

B-roll at the same time, with all the options available for post-production. Tracking markers can be hidden, eliminating the installation time and inaccuracies of physical alternatives; filmmakers can implement up to four video feeds at once, with three unseen by the naked eye, so a selection of backgrounds can be captured during a single take. In all, this innovation makes LED volume more attainable. Industry giant Arri tested the technology. “Our teams are extremely excited about GhostFrame’s features. Tracking tests, in particular, have been very successful,” says Elfi Kerscher, Arri technical project coordinator. “The potential of this solution is clear. We consider it a superior workflow for virtual production.” Still in a continued development stage, there’s a select group of GhostFrame- equipped studios already in action. The Dark Bay virtual production stage in Babelsberg

THE WORLD OF XR (extended reality) is developing in filmmaking at a staggering rate. Last year, immersive LED backgrounds reached some of the largest shows to hit our screens, but it has always posed challenges for productions – especially those with smaller budgets. Now, limited options, low-quality visuals and necessary hurdles may be things of the past. Built around the unique IP of AGS, ROE Visual LED panels and HELIOS LED processing, GhostFrame brings greater potential to XR. A full chroma screen can be hidden between frames and picked up by the camera, enabling you to shoot A and “It’s not hard to imagine GhostFrame technology on sets worldwide soon”

is a proud adopter. Fireframe in Helsinki is exploring the technology, too. “We chose ROE Visual panels and HELIOS LED processing due to their facilitation of GhostFrame’s features,” Fireframe founder and CEO Mikko Kodisoja explains. “We’re very interested to discover what kind of magic we can create using the hidden chroma functionality.” Doing so much to expand the potential of XR, it’s not hard to imagine GhostFrame technology on sets worldwide, very soon.


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