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of independent, long and narrow LED segments with colour and brightness control capability, which enabled Finley and Haellmigk to accurately recreate the lighting situation aboard a moving train at various times of day. “The warmth of the sun, the cool of the deep blue sky...has got a lot of colour in it. Being able to mix the daylight and tungsten feel in and have the effect of movement made the LB1K the light for me.” Some of the earliest LightBlade units made were used on the production, both as overhead skylight and underlighting from the ground around either blue-screen or day-blue backdrops designed to

be visible through the windows. Board operator Erin Nelligan used an ETC Ion desk to control the lights, using the controllability of individual LightBlade or LB1K units to help create high-resolution chase sequences simulating the motion of the train. The decision will soon be made – in fact, may have been made by the time this goes to print – as to whether Snowpiercer will go into series production following the Pilot. Finley’s confidence in Cineo’s colour technology seems likely to endure regardless. “The HS light reproduces skin tone better than any other LED light... I’ll use that light directly on skin tones when I won’t with any other light. Chuck Edwards, the colour scientist, and I have had lots of conversations about what’s important and he gets it.” Beyond this, Finley feels, Cineo have “solved the problem of what happens when I put a gel on a light. I want it to be whatever colour temperature I’m working in and then to put a colour on it, to add saturation to it... What everyone has been doing

for countless years is putting gel on whatever light they’re using, be it tungsten, HMI or whatever. This takes care of that.” Finley’s involvement began in August and, despite the initially intended brief engagement, ran until early October. There’s no guarantee that the same crew will work on a potential run of episodes, but Finley seems enthusiastic: “The project was great. I had a lot of fun, good people. I hope it goes to series.”

ABOVE Inside a static set, the

team created the impression of epic chase sequences.




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