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products since their very beginning,” Finley continues. “I’ve known [Cineo CEO] Rich Pierceall since the first HS lights started... I thoroughly run them through, bring them on set, try them out, look at the colour, look at the qualities of the lights, which is what I’m interested in.” Finley had also worked with the Cineo Quantum C80, which he describes as, “what we’ve been asking for in the lighting world from the LED world – a big, soft source. We make all these tiny LED lights, but I want something that’s going to be sizeable and something I don’t have to use in the room. Something I can use outside. The Quantum was the first realistic outside-the-set kind of LED light that you could use without building an array of Cineo HS lights or Skypanels and put them in a big box.” CINEO LIGHTING Given the need to be flexible, Finley recommended Cineo’s then- upcoming LightBlade system, which he describes as, “an agile kind of light.” The LB1K comprises an array

lighting, but, “we didn't have a whole lot of space,” says Finley. “The stages were a good size but we put a lot of sets on those stages, and there are pillars because it’s not a stage built from scratch. You’re finding more and more that everywhere there’s a big building, [someone says] ‘let’s make it a stage’. And I needed something that would give me movement – we wanted the surface inside the train to reflect that movement, the light to give some feeling of motion.” The first solution that sprang to mind was that which had been used on Murder on the Orient Express – the use of LED video panels to create moving light. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be done on Snowpiercer . “It would have worked fine but they didn’t have any background plates until afterwards. You have to have that stuff first in order to have the LED walls. I was hoping that the LB1Ks from Cineo were going to be ready and done in time, because I worked a lot with Cineo as they developed the light.” “I’ve been using the Cineo

ABOVE The LightBlade system is a set of LED lights developed by NBCUniversal in partnership with Cineo Lighting.





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