Photography News issue 25

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Photography News Issue 25

Blue Ice: reviewed

I’d had a sneak preview of Alex Bernasconi’s latest book, Blue Ice – via a PDF prior to interviewing him – but it didn’t really prepare me for how stunning this book is. This large- format, hardback book certainly does justice to Alex’s gorgeous images of Antarctica. With a foreword by Professor Julian Dowdeswell and an introduction by Dr Peter Clarkson not only does this book look amazing, it’s also thought-provoking. As well as describing the challenges of working and living in the extreme environment of the Antarctic, the foreword and introduction also explain the impact of climate change on the area and its inhabitants. Alex Bernasconi’s own account of his trip sets the scene, and prepares you for the desolate beauty of the landscape and the wonder of the wildlife. From chinstrap penguins and cute, fluffy goslings to chilling glaciers and dramatic icebergs, Antarctica is pictured here in all its glory, thanks to Alex’s superb photography. Production quality is high too, doing justice to the photos. The fold-out panoramic images are simply breathtaking. Blue Ice by Alex Bernasconi is published by Papadakis Books and retails for £30

Above Blue iceberg with Adélie penguins, near the South Orkney Islands. Below Upland goose with goslings on Saunders Island. Belowright Adélie penguin in close-up, Paulet Island.

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