Photography News issue 25

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Photography News Issue 25

Opposite Gentoo penguin landing on a beach on Saunders Island, Falkland Islands. Above Colony of King penguins, St Andrews Bay, South Georgia. Above A wonderful arch in an iceberg near Paulet Island.

I’m not one of those photographers who are able to pack the strictly necessary: I don’t want to miss an image just because I wanted to save a few kilograms

the wide-angles and medium zoom were the most utilised. The extreme conditions compel you to carry more gear in case of malfunction or damage: salt spray, rain, wind and the cold can affect even the most rugged equipment. An essential part of the equipment is a waterproof dry bag to protect my backpack during Zodiac transports and landings. Rain protection for my camera and lens is also vital on rainy or snowy days.” The result of the trip is his second book, Blue Ice , but he didn’t set out to create a book. “I just planned to work primarily on my fine art print collection,” he says. “But when I came back, I realised that I’dbeen luckyenough to collect a solidbodyofwork. When I reviewed the images with my publisher, Alexandra Papadakis, the bookmaterialised immediately.” Polar royalty Professor Dowdeswell, director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and Dr Peter Clarkson wrote the foreword and introduction to Blue Ice . Alex is honoured by their contributions, as he believes “conservation should be paramount for any nature photographer – we must hope that our images can move people to become more conscious and respectful of our planet.”

> Words by Lisa Clatworthy

The coldest and windiest continent of the seven, Antarctica presents challenges to any adventurer, and among those encountered by fine art nature photographer Alex Bernasconi were an early morning slip into a stream and a katabatic wind storm capsizing a Zodiac inflatable boat. Thankfully, the seasoned adventurer went prepared, so these events simply served to “remind us that when you’re in such extreme and remote locations, it’s mandatory to be extra careful,” he says. “In comparison with other trips, this is a real expedition: you have an indicative plan, but it’s always subject to changes caused by the weather. ” Although Alex couldn’t exactly make an itinerary for the trip, planning started a year beforehand, and packing included pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. “I’mnot one of thosewise photographerswho are able to pack thestrictlynecessary:Idon’twanttomissthechanceofcapturing an image just because I wanted to save a few kilograms,” he explains. “As a result, I brought almost every kind of lens, from 14mm to 500mm, and I had the chance to use them all, even if

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