Photography News issue 28

Photography News Issue 28

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Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder

XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 R LMOISWR

With an electronic viewfinder (EVF), an optical viewfinder (OVF) and an electronic rangefinder (ERF), the X-Pro2 offers photographers every conceivable finder option to make composing images easy. The EVF offers 2.36 million dots for impressive detail and superb colour accuracy. The faster processor has further benefits too, improving the previous display speed from 54fps to a maximum of 85fps to virtually eliminate image delay when shooting moving subjects, while viewfinder blackout is just 150ms; the equivalent of an optical viewfinder. The OVF now has a dioptre correction function and a longer eye point for more comfortable viewing, while the ERF is the same as that found in the X100 series. It works by superimposing a small electronic finder in the optical finder, enabling you to check the effect of function settings such as exposure and white-balance in real time.

The XF range of lenses continues to grow and with this latest introduction, X-series users can now reach further than ever before. The weather-resistant XF100- 400mm brings sports, action, wildlife and any other long distance subjects well within reach thanks to its 152-609mm (35mm equivalent) focal range. Featuring an optical construction of 21 elements in 14 groups, the super- telephoto zoom has five ED elements and one Super ED element to deliver high- quality images and features twin linear motors for a swift, silent autofocusing performance. A focus limiter, which shortens focusing to between 5m and infinity, further speeds up AF if needs be. Crucially with a lens of this type, the XF100-400mm offers a five-stop image stabilisation system for shake-free results. Cleverly, it detects a panning movement when it will only make shake corrections in the vertical plane. In other shooting conditions, correction is provided in both vertical and horizontal planes. Weather resistance is provided by 13 seals and further protection is offered by the fluorine coating applied to the front element, which makes it more water repellent and less susceptible to smudges. If the 100-400mm range isn’t quite enough for you, the lens is also compatible with the XF1.4x teleconverter, which turns it into a 213-853mm zoom (35mm equivalent), while a 2x converter is set to follow in the summer for even more telephoto power.

Weather-resistant body

The body shape may not have changed dramatically, but the addition of weather resistance – by virtue of 61 seals – is a big improvement over the X-Pro1. Just like the X-T1 (the only other weather-resistant X-series body), the use of the seals means the camera body is splash and dust resistant and can work in temperatures as low as -10°C. The body itself is made from magnesium alloy so it’s ready to withstand the rigours of daily use, plus it features the same semi-gloss black finish of the X-Pro1. On the back of the body, the rear LCD is now three inches in size and uses 1.62 million dots. There’s also a smarter GUI (Graphical User Interface) complete with redesigned menus to give the X-Pro2 a more sophisticated air. The menus have eight lines per ‘page’ and there’s the addition of a My Menu feature that enables you to create shortcuts to the features you use the most. Combined with the familiar Q Menu, you can quickly access up to 32 features.

Further neat touches

Shutter durability Despite offering a faster maximum shutter speed of 1/8000sec and flash sync at 1/250sec, the shutter unit is now durable for 150,000 shots.

Integrated ISO dial Like old film cameras, the ISO sensitivity selector is built into the shutter speed dial so you can check the ISO without turning the camera on. C position on exposure compensation dial +/-3 stops can be accessed directly via the dial, but turning it to the C setting allows up to +/-5 stops to be set with the command dials.

Dual SD card slots Allow multiple ways to save files and reduce the risk of data loss. Slot 1 is also UHS-II compliant.

Power management Three modes allow you to extend battery life up to 330 frames per charge.

Wi-Fi Wire-free connectivity for easy downloading and sharing of shots via a smartphone or tablet and remote control of the camera for additional versatility. Interval timer Shoot a time-lapse of up to 999 frames with intervals of between one second and 24 hours.

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