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Photography News Issue 28

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Abelated happy newyear to you all. I hope that it is going well so far and that your resolutions are still intact. I must admit that for me making resolutions is a futile exercise. Nevertheless, every new year I make a bunch of them and 2016 has been no different. Drinking less, eating more healthily and wasting less time in front of the TV always make my list – and no different for 2016–but Ihaveaddedaclutchof photographic resolutions too. So, in 2016 I am going to shoot some film, carry less kit around, sell some of the stuff that I don’t need, use the tripodmore, start three new photo projects and, for me probably the most difficult of the lot, shoot fewer pictures while shooting more pictures worth keeping. With digital I do tend to shoot a lot and have the occasional (okay, frequent) bout of obsession where I linger perhaps too long at a location and over-shoot it. I will continue to obsess because it often leads to better pictures, in my view, but I’m going to be more selective and only linger if it’s truly worthwhile. That, of course, is not an easy judgment to make, but I am going to try. The film cameras are out, dusted down and primed with new batteries. There's a new one on the way, too. And I've bought some film. Last year, I sold several medium-format cameras during a massive de-clutter session and managed to keep one by default, a Mamiya 645 with a 45mm lens, simply because it was in a box I didn’t look in. That’s lucky because that is going to be one of the film cameras I intend to use alongside a Leica M rangefinder and a Canon F1N with a 20mm f/2.8 lens I bought cheap off eBay a few years back. I also have several ‘toy’ cameras at my disposal including a Sprocket Rocket and a pinhole.

Setting myself photo projects is something I have done for many years and I have a good many going right now. Most are fun and nothing more than a reason to get the camera out, so I photograph rubbish, umbrellas and selfie shooters whenever I can. Of the three projects for 2016, I have shortlisted two ideas and have even started working on them. When I say work, I mean I have done some research on the web, although by the time you read this I might have even taken a few pictures too. One is the Docklands Light Railway – well actuallyitisnottheDLRitselfbuttheimmediate areas around its stations, all 45 of them. I’mnot sure what aspect I will concentrate on so I need to get on the train to London to work that out. The other is piers. According to the National Piers Society, there are 58 surviving piers, mostly in the southern half of the British Isles. As I love the sea and the coast presents myriad additional photo opportunities too, the idea of camera-toting trips to the seaside to shoot piers has massive appeal. Both ideas have potential whether I shoot with film or digital. Of course, it could be a potent mix of the two so I’m going to keep my options open for now. Photo projects, of course, do not have to be about taking pictures but can include a broader range of image-related activities. A few ideas worth considering are featured in this issue. I've just started an A3 60-page photobook of my best shots whichwill keepme busy until we meet again next month.

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