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Foto Fest final reminder

News in brief

If you haven’t already got the date in your diary get your pen at the ready. Fotospeed’s Foto Fest 2017 takes place 10 September 2017 at the University of Bath’s state-of-the-art venue, the Edge. Foto Fest takes places from 9:15am to 5:15pm and you’ll have the chance to hear from world renowned photographers Martin Hartley (expedition and adventure travel photographer), Paul Sanders (landscape photographer and former picture editor at The Times ), Ben Hall (award-winning wildlife photographerwhohasover20BritishWildlife PhotographyAwards) andColinPrior (author, landscape photographer and panoramic specialist). In addition to this you’ll be able to explore the Market Place where a variety of photographic brands will be exhibiting, allowing you to get exclusive deals and expert helpandadvice fromindustry experts. Tickets are priced at £45 with free tea and coffee included aswell as free parking.

MyWoodbyStephenDalton Author of 14 titles, multi-award winning photographer Stephen Dalton is launching his new bookMyWood on 7 September. It offers an insight into Dalton’s nine-acre broadleaf woodland, which is part of 53 acres around his home that hemanages as a private nature reserve. The book includes stunning images of bluebells and woodland landscapes as well as deer, badgers, birds andmanymore species including shots of insects in flight – what Dalton is best known for. MyWood will be available fromall good bookshops or directly from the publisher Merlin Unwin Books priced at £14.99. Look out for issue 48where will be interviewing Dalton on his work and book. world’s first automated photo enhancement solution that uses artificial intelligence to adjust your images. Among themany correction features are Smart Dehaze, exposure compensation, Color Recovery and noise reduction. A single licence for individual use is $30 or a family licence for five users is $50 – there is an offer on this option at themoment and you can get it for $35. Photolemurv2.0 Photolemur software for Mac andWindows is the

Shooting themoon Moonshots is a celebrationofNASAspace exhibitionas seen through Hasselblad cameras. Aerospace author Piers Bizony has worked with NASA’s archive of Hasselblad images to produce this book that makes the most of the high-quality medium-format originals. This beautifully produced book is priced at £60 and comes with a slipcase. It’s out on 5 October.

Get ProfessionalPhoto magazine Professional photographer or thinking of going pro? If the answer is yes then Professional Photo magazine is just what you need. The UK’s only monthly magazine for working and aspiring professionals features insightful business and marketing advice fromprofessionals and industry experts, gear reviews, lighting techniques and much more. In issue 135, out now, you can find out which imagewasmost downloaded in theUK from Shutterstock last year, plus hear from Scottish portrait photographer Mark Mann who now resides in New York City and has photographed a broad range of famous faces from Keira Knightley to Barack Obama. Grab a copy from WHSmith and you can save £1 on the cover price when you present this voucher. ToTheCustomer:Simplycutoutthiscouponandhand ittoyour WHSmithHighStreet retailertoclaimyourcopyof Professional Photo for£3.75 insteadoftheusual£4.75.Thiscouponcanbe usedaspartpaymentfor issue135or136of ProfessionalPhoto on salebetween20July2017to13September2017.Onlyonecoupon canbeusedagainsteach itempurchased.Nocashalternative is available.Nottobeused inconjunctionwithanyotheroffer. TotheWHSmithRetailer:Pleaseacceptthisvoucheraspart paymentofonecopyof ProfessionalPhoto onsalebetween20 July2017and13September2017.Thisvoucher isworth£1plusa 2phandlingallowance.Theoffer isvalidtotheconsumerupto13 September2017andmustbereturnedtoyourclearinghouseto arriveno laterthan13September2017(issue135),4October(issue 136).Asyourshopbelongstoamultiplegroup,pleasehandle in theusualway. Thisvoucher isnotredeemableagainstanyother itemand isonlyvalid intheUK. Offer subject to availability andwhile stocks last DONOTMINT RETURN *Thisoffer issubject toavailabilityand is redeemableatWHSmithHighStreetStores only.ExcludesOutletStores,WHSmith Online, ‘BooksbyWHSmith’atSelfridges, Harrods,ArnottsandFenwicksstores, WHSmith ‘Local’andallTravelStores including thoseatairports,railwaysstations, motorwayservicestations,gardencentres, hospitalsandworkplaces.


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