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F F U J I X R O T I O M J R E M R E S U L T S U D Y O M Y R Y X P J I I T O M T S I A G W O Q T N O I T R O T S I D H S E S R E S X I J M G H Q N E L R P L P P I O E E E L E O O V G A T L D T E N R O L N R S A L F V N T H E A T I R A G A I A C K Y S S O R C R W B S R M S I L T Z T Y L A K A N S F U U W A E K D S M A R E S O L U T I O N M Z N C B W R L Y N G N Capture life’s special moments across all devices with the ultra-reliable Samsung PRO Plus 128GB microSD memory cards. Samsung’s latest cards feature recently upgraded four- proof features; they are water, temperature, X-ray and magnetic proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue. We have one massive 128GB Samsung PRO Plus microSDXC card and SD adapter to award to an eagle-eyedwinner. Just complete the word search below, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 10 September. The correct answer to PN45’s word search was Travel and the Samsung 128GB cardwas won by JohnRanson of Denbighshire. A Samsung memory card! WIN! F I L M V S W X A J R E W O P I N

Editor’s letter Thepower of prints

UK airspace had its busiest ever day on Friday 21 July, with over 8800 flights and 2.4 million holidaymakers heading overseas over that weekend. By the time you read this many of themwill be back homewith nothingmore than a fading tan, greatmemoriesandhundreds, even thousands of pictures taken on their travels. When we all shot film, a family’s typical 24-exposure roll had Christmas pictures at both ends with the odd birthday and some holiday snaps in between. What’s more, the processed prints were seen by a handful of people before being stored away in a shoebox. It couldn’t be more different now, with smartphone users and camera users recording every single, most mundane aspect of their lives and sharing their (mostly dull) shots with the world. According to Facebook’s statistics it has 1.75 billion active users and that is a staggering 23%of the planet’s population, 48%ofwhomlog on every day spending an average of 18 minutes per visit. Thinking about it, I reckon 18 minutes is about spot on for me, although it’s true that time ismostly spent lurking rather than actively posting. I amnot driven to share the minutiae of my life –ormy photography – online. I do post a few images, mostly of wine glasses in airport bars, and I have a Facebook page and a website – both get updated infrequently. But if you look at the thousands of images I shoot and the handful I post we are talking tiny numbers. Of course, the shoot/post ratio is inevitably low for most people given that with digital you can shoot away 24/7without a care in theworld. If you want proof that I am a very modest image sharer just gaze around the walls of my living room. It is true to say that I have more prints on the wall of this year’s shooting than I have posted images online.

My walls are an ever-changing space where I hang shots just to see if I like themand of course if givesme the chance to indulge in some serious navel-gazing – something that I am close to Olympic level at. And I love prints, always have done. A screen image – even projected very large – is wonderful but tome there is nothing to beat holding a print of any size in your hands. I used to have boxes andboxesofthem,althoughwithtimeandhouse moves, the collection has been severely pruned down to just a handful of archival quality boxes, full mostly of darkroom prints. In addition, I have an IKEA set of drawers full of A2 and A3 prints which I now make with an Epson SC- P800 printer. I whittle these down for recycling when I can no longer close the drawers. In sum, I recognise that prints for a great many camera users no longer hold much (any?) attraction–and thismight explainwhya free-to- enter contestwe runeverymonth towin£200of pro quality prints is so poorly supported. I know many camera users have moved onto making their own photo books, which is something I enjoy too. I need to make more so I have my own little library of pictures and that takes me back to where I started: holidays. Family occasions, events and holidays is perfect material for books so if you haven’t tried the latest services or seen the book publisher-level results you can get now, perhaps it’s time you had a look. Meanwhile, I’moff tomake a fewmore prints of my recent US holiday so see you next time.

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