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Best Iconof London

Winner GarethDanks, Dolphin, mermaidandbridge 240secsat f/10, ISO200

When I arrived at Tower Bridge two things posed a challenge. Firstly, somewhere along the way my polariser had fallen off, and secondly, the sheer volume of people was farmore than I had imagined. There was onlyone thing for it: theLeeFiltersSuperStopper.After two or three attempts I managed to capture an image where everyone in the shot was moving continuously throughout the 240 second exposure, rendering them invisible to the sensor through the filter. Result!

Lots of awesome images in this category. Ultimately I thought Gareth’s shot was spot on Will Cheung


LEFTMichael Hewson, London by lamplight 8secs at f/9, ISO 100 This photo was taken in a Georgian Alley in Covent Garden called Goodwin’s Court. It was 3am and I had packed up when I was struck by the sight of this old London gas lamp framed in the arch. I got the tripod back out and the cameramounted and captured the scene in Raw. The image was processed in Photoshop CC and converted to black &white with Silver Efex Pro 2. BELOWAndrewMoss, V&A museum 1/350sec, 1/45sec, 1/6sec (bracketed frames) at f/16, ISO 800 This is the roof of the main gallery in the V&A museum, reflected in the top of a display case. I balanced my camera there and fired the shutter remotely. I had to create an HDR image to keep highlights and shadows under control. RIGHT Rolf Kraehenbuehl, Tate Modern and St. Paul’s Cathedral 1/5sec to 1/80sec (bracketed frames) at f/8, ISO 800 My aim was to contrast the distinctive

features of the Tate Modern with the classical architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral with the London Skyline. To capture the dynamic range, I bracketed the exposures, and steadied the camera on the handrail. BOTTOM Stuart Green, On the buses 1sec at f/4, ISO 200 At 11pm, I was looking for one of the top London icons: the London Bus. I parked myself and my tripod in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, experimenting with shutter speeds to find the right effect. I was then joined by a young couple from Israel and a family from Japan who started to try the same thing… visitors from overseas trying to capture one of the most iconic sights in our capital.

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