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Best Abstract

Winner Chris Andrews, Travelling in time 1/10sec at f/9, ISO 800

Early on Sunday, my photographic companion and I headed to King’s Cross specifically to photograph the light tunnel. I’ve been before but didn’t realise it wasn’t lit with colours 24/7; I’d never seen it totally white. It wasn’t what I’d gone to photograph but felt more futuristic than usual and immediately I had in my mind something a bit creative. I love George Lucas’s early sci-fi film THX 1138 , the eeriness of it and the feeling of isolation, so I used that as a kind of reference point. The shot was handheld using my favourite wide-angle lens.

Beautiful, really gorgeous design and symmetry, and awesome lead-in lines Will Cheung


MIDDLE Stuart Smith, Speedster 0.5sec at f/8, ISO 500

LEFT Stuart Green, Catch me if you can 1/3sec at f/2.8, ISO 200 I headed towards PiccadillyCircus, knowing it would be the ideal place for night shots. I wanted to capture one of themost iconic sights inLondon – the LondonBus - but with a difference. After a lot of experimentation, I hit on the right shutter speed and ISO to give a strong impression of speed, cropping in for an abstract image that is still recognisable.

I have always loved shooting Tube trains using slow shutter speeds, but it’s hard to get one with the right amount of blur. This was a bit of a grab shot; I think this works because she is the only person in the scene. BELOWLEFTLuke Stevens, Below the Eye 30secs at f/11, ISO 100 As I was walking around the base of the London Eye I liked how symmetrical it was when viewed from below; a view most people don’t notice. I tried a few different compositions lying on the floor looking up at the structure from various distances and settled on the one you see here. I set my tripod up as low as possible and used a long shutter speed with a low ISO. I had taken this image about a month before with a bridge camera and had processed it. Having seen the competition categories I thought it would make a good abstract so I went back to the O2 during Photo 24 to retake it using my DSLR and a wider lens (16mm). The shot was hand held and the difficult bit was trying to get it lined up. BELOWMartin Janes, Xmarks the spot 1/125sec at f/11, ISO 1000

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