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BREAK FREE Wireless microphones are nothing new, but professional options like the Shure Axient Digital system have struck a chord – particularly during dynamic sequences, where wired options may be impossible

“Every device on-set may be connected to a gaming engine one day. Customisation of a shared network is everything”

As well as a bridge node, it’s actually an enterprise-grade wireless router that lets you fully customise complex networks.” This covers most obvious applications, and extensive control of LED fixtures, but also local and wide-area networks. On the former, all manner of kit can be controlled – including the camera. And the latter offers cross-country configuration via VPN, should it be needed for remote working. “Virtual production raises a similar demand,” Duff explains. “Every device on-set may be connected in some way to a gaming engine one day. Customisation of a shared network is everything.” Even if used solely for these purposes, DMX aside, tools like the Bridge may soon be the beating heart of production. While more basic functionality is easily done – and a big draw of the Litepanels ecosystem – the more advanced processes require specialised technical expertise. “These workflows are new, and anyone in the industry will tell you that no two are the same. That’s where the need is right now – to homogenise everything, have more standardised practices and UI in place, and make it more accessible for productions of all levels.” BEGIN TRANSMISSION Once a multitude of other wireless tools are in place, recording can begin. That’s where video

2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time.” Much like Arri’s Hi-5, the Apollo uses frequency hopping, weaving around more static products to ensure a better signal for both. Results are telling enough. It offers 300m of range between bridge and fixture, and 100m of range between control device and bridge – with zero latency. “On the wireless DMX side, we’re utilising the top industry- standard technology, with LumenRadio TimoTwo modules and CRMX transmission,” Duff continues. “But, to consider the Apollo Bridge as only a DMX is something of a misclassification.

FOR THE RECORD Swit’s Flow series has been pushing the boundaries of wireless video monitoring. Multicasting and extensive range are just a few headline features

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