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“Our RF-900 module is similarly beneficial,” Ajayi-Scheuring continues. “The majority of radio signals on a film set operate at 2.4GHz. We’re letting you fly under the radar at 902-928MHz. As a point-to-multipoint device, it can also be operated by up to three hand units.” This longer range solution still employs 100 channels for hopping. All-important functionality also touches upon new ground. “Users can hide focus, iris and zoom lens scales while working. The screen can also be used to stretch the focus scale by touch, or achieve a zoomed-in effect for extra precision. There are a number of customisable buttons on the back of the device, for a wide range of functions. With the integration of Focusbug Cine RT support by licence, markers can be pulled in from the third-party tool. We’ve even secured licencing for camera control, in conjunction with Sony and Red.” LISTENING IN Audio, too, has been – and always will be – an integral piece of the puzzle. Microphones have long been wireless, but their integration into the production workflow may pose the greatest challenge. Stuart Moots, director of pro audio at Shure UK, shares some recent developments. The flagship Axient Digital system offers versatility across audio-dominant performances, but has also found a home in many film studios. “Using a digital modulation scheme, the system benefits from groundbreaking features, including wide-tuning receivers and transmitters for use across the globe. Transmitters, once deployed, can also be remotely controlled in all aspects via software. “Tod Maitland just used Axient Digital ADX1M micropacks on Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story . High-energy dance sequences encapsulate the potential of losing cables, with all their constraints, in the right scenario. Enhanced control, like in our transmitters, brings almost endless possibility.”

THE LIGHT-BULB MOMENT Off-camera, lighting may be seeing the greatest benefit from wireless technology. In days past, reaching every light source to make adjustments could be a lengthy process, and wired control boards were limited. The popularisation of LEDs was a turning point – first for the modifications possible, then our means of making them. Already, the ordinary wireless DMX system is struggling to meet industry demands, says Timothy Duff, co-founder of Lighticians and technical specialist at Litepanels. “Our Apollo Bridge is the only dual-band bridge on the market. It’s capable of transmitting both

“The majority of radio signals on a film set operate at 2.4GHz. We’re letting you fly under the radar at 902-928MHz”

SMART BLEND The Dejero EnGo 265 ensures better data transfer by combining multiple wired and wireless IP connections, to form a ‘network of networks’


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