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movable LED dollies can be used for additional lighting purposes. The panels run on Brompton’s SX40 LED processors, enabling high brightness to simulate real- world lighting environments, while providing an even coverage that can be controlled from the studio’s gallery. And a Disguise and Unreal Engine virtual production pipeline powers the stage, allowing both real-time content playback, as well as pre-recorded plates. Dimension Studio and DNEG – the Oscar, Bafta and Emmy award-winning VFX company – used the volume recently for Fireworks , a high- profile short directed by Paul Franklin and produced by Annalise Davis.

80six invests much into the R&D of emerging technologies, to deliver complex, stunning imagery. Its virtual production stage, set in a 35,000 sq ft space, is one of the largest semi-permanent LED stages in the UK, and is available for use in film, TV drama and commercials. At its heart is an 18-metre- wide, 4.5-metre-high curved LED wall, built from Roe Visual’s renowned Diamond panels. These have been calibrated for 10-bit HDR, to ensure optimum image quality, with greater brightness and colour range. A height-adjustable 12-metre- wide, 5.4-metre-deep Roe Visual Carbon 5.7mm LED ceiling illuminates the stage from above, and CB5

“At its heart, is an 18-metre-wide, 4.5-metre-high curved LED wall, built from Roe Visual’s renowned Diamond panels... to ensure optimum quality”

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