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Equipped with a volume comprising a 343 sq m LED wall, Arri’s mixed reality studio is one of the biggest virtual production spaces in Europe. It consists of a main ‘in vision’ curve, that’s 30 metres wide and five metres high; two movable and tiltable side screens, each three metres by 4.2 metres; and a height-adjustable ceiling of 9.6 metres by 9.6 metres. A back curve measuring 18 metres by 4.2 metres completes the fully encapsulated, yet flexible space. It can be programmed to display 360° imagery that, even when not in frame, casts dynamic, entirely integrated lighting effects onto the actors and the scene being shot. The ‘in vision’ curve is fashioned from Roe Visual Ruby 2.3 panels, while the side screens, ceiling and back curve use Roe Visual CB5 panels. The studio design and systems integration came from Arri. Creative Technology designed and installed the video walls, playback systems and a number of powerful control systems; and Mo-Sys supplied its StarTracker camera tracking system and VP Pro XR. Epic Games provided its flagship real- time 3D creation tool – Unreal Engine; and Megapixel VR installed its Helios platform for image processing. Like other integrated facilities, technical support is tailored to the requirements of each production, and is offered with the full weight of expertise from Arri and its respective partners. For productions new to mixed reality, technical support can extend to a full script-to-screen service.

“Arri’s mixed reality studio is one of the biggest virtual production spaces in Europe. It consists of an ‘in vision’ curve, two side screens and a ceiling”

complemented than with Arri cameras, lenses, stabilisers, lights and workflow support – which can be provided to productions as a package deal on site. Unsurpassed in image quality and all- round technical solutions, Arri products are ideally suited to mixed reality shooting. Arri’s engineers will continue to learn and innovate to improve their integration into virtual environments.”

Designed by one of the most trusted brands, the facility offers its own products, available from Arri Rental. Jannie van Wyk, managing director of Arri Rental, says: “Collaborating with best-for-purpose suppliers of all the varied technologies has enabled Arri to deliver a full solution for mixed reality. These industry-leading hardware and software tools could not be better

MOVING FORWARD Arri is committed to developing cutting-edge tech. Along with studio facilities, its cameras are used in multiple other sites across the globe


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