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INCREASE THE VOLUME ARRI’s advanced mixed reality studio presents fresh potential for productions of all varieties. Business development director David Levy lifts the curtain on recent developments at ARRI Stage London

A NEW WORLD Working together with Creative Technology, ARRI have built a 708 sq m LED volume studio that’s taking virtual production into the stratosphere

flown and motorised. There’s no working at height and the ceiling can even be moved while in use, significantly boosting overall shoot efficiency. The LEDs may be the driving force of any volume, but no less thought has been given to other integral systems at Uxbridge, including camera tracking and processing. “We’re equipped with a Mo-Sys house set-up, but are aware productions demand a range of options, so the volume is designed to facilitate other systems. We’ve had very positive experiences with Vicon, for example,” Levy continues. “LED processing comes by way of a Megapixel Helios system, which gives us all the handles we need to manipulate in-vision camera effects. Then there are

“Our main in-vision wall comprises Ruby 2.3 panels,” business development director David Levy explains. “Key draws were a dot pitch good enough to be seen in-camera, and excellent off-axis colour that would handle moving around the space. “Wild walls feature 5000 nit Carbon CB5 LEDs, which are exceptionally bright and high resolution enough to produce faithful reflections. The last piece of the puzzle is the dynamic ceiling. Its Black Quartz 4.6 LEDs ensure colour doesn’t shift as subjects move beneath it and, importantly, it’s on an automation system. We’re able to position each of the four sections precisely and create reflections where needed.” In fact – unusually for a permanent installation like this – all of the displays are

TO REMAIN AT the forefront of the cutting edge is no easy feat – perhaps only possible through near-constant collaborative development. These were the foundations upon which ARRI’s LED volume space was built last year, at the brand’s Uxbridge premises. Working in partnership with technical specialist Creative Technology, the space has been servicing all manner of productions and projects in truly state-of- the-art fashion. Situated within a 708 sq m studio, the volume is constructed from ROE Visual LED panels and offers 360° imagery, with a curved 30x5m primary wall and sizable surrounds. It’s not just the impressive scale that facilitates high-end virtual production, but the carefully selected hardware, too.


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