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FILMMAKER’S CHOICE ROE Visual LED panels create a decisive advantage on virtual production sets

ALL AROUND THE world, ROE Visual LED panels can be found in film studios, offering virtual production technology. But what’s the secret behind their success, and why do crews prefer to work with them? Virtual production requires LED panels that are fit for this demanding job. The image quality and luminosity of an LED wall or LED volume are sufficient to implement what was previously only possible in a green screen studio – not with complex post-production, but directly in-camera. Using virtual production, the CGI is not punched in afterwards, but displayed live in the studio on an LED wall, as a photo-realistic background graphic. WHEN PERFORMANCE COUNTS Combining the LED screen, the LED processing platform, and syncing these with the camera used, is crucial for good results – and ROE Visual LED screens are fitted with high-end components and state-of-the-art driver ICs, making all the difference for in-camera performance. “It’s about the right balance. The pixel pitch, sufficient brightness, contrast,

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE A comprehensive range of products makes it easy to select a combination that fits your needs. ROE Visual has a range of studio- orientated LED panels, ideal for different applications, like the Black Pearl BP2, BP2V2, Ruby RB2.3, RB1.5 and Diamond DM2.6. These panels have found their way to the most prominent LED volumes used for professional shoots. ROE Visual performs tests and demos, guaranteeing you the best solution. Get in touch at to experience its proven approach.

the matted material for the masking, and proper refresh rate are key for in- camera LED shoots. We believe that ROE Visual’s latest BP2V2 has all the right specifications,” says Mahmoud Rahnama, head of studio at Pixomondo, Toronto.

The expert recommendations

“What an LED studio, like Dark Bay, improves on is artistic freedom and control. The obvious difference, of course, is that the in-camera result gives you an authentic look in every layer. Our LED wall in the Dark Bay Studio, created from 1470 state-of-the- art LED panels from ROE Visual, does just that.” – Philipp Klausing, one of Dark Bay’s managing directors “The Diamond LED screen gave high scores on image performance, viewing angles and colour representation. Furthermore, the in-depth knowledge of the technical team at ROE Visual was indispensable during this project.” – Frank Förster, managing director for TFN “After a comprehensive study with industry experts, we ended up choosing ROE Visual as our provider – for their reliability and overall technical quality.” – Mikko Kodisoja, Fireframe founder and CEO

“Using Black Pearl BP2 creates an outstanding LED volume, with a perfect on-camera performance. Even in the exacting circumstances of black-and- white filming, we were able to get the most out of the LED.” – Fuse Technical Group on shooting the Academy Award-winning movie Mank “Pixomondo decided to go with ROE Visual because its BP2 panels are the only battle-tested LED panels; they deliver a flawless canvas that requires little attention once up and running.” – Mahmoud Rahnama, head of studio, Pixomondo, Toronto

FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY Virtual production is a rising star of the film world – and ROE Visual is a leading provider

“Lux Machina and ROE Visual have worked closely on several

groundbreaking virtual production projects, and our cooperation reaches further than just supplying LED panels. Close collaboration and in-depth knowledge of the products are required to achieve good results.” – Phil Galler, CEO at Lux Machina

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