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Providing fantastic value for money, the Honey Badger is not only super-compact at just 1.4kg and 15cm wide, it packs a respectably powerful punch at 320Ws. This output can be controlled in 0.1EV stop increments across its 7EV range, while full-power flash recycle is only 1sec. Its maximum flash speed may not be as advanced as some rivals at 1/900sec, but it meets most shooting needs. The model also features a 60W LED modelling light and wireless connectivity with 90m range. The unit boasts a Bowens S-Type mount for great access to light modifiers, and also has a special ring for use with Interfit’s own speedy pop-up modifiers. Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws


Profoto D2

If you demand market-leading flash speeds for your work, the D2 is calling for you! It has the ability to freeze action, with flash speeds up to 1/63,000sec, shooting bursts of 20 flashed images per second and a high- speed sync 1/8000sec option. It also boasts

a powerful 500Ws output that’s controlled easily in 0.1EV stop increments across its 10EV range. This is all made possible by intuitive controls and a large LED display. With a compatible Air remote, you can trigger the light wirelessly from 300m, even with TTL.



Rotolight NEO 2

Nanlite PavoTube 15C

Without doubt, the PavoTube 15C can take your lighting to new creative realms. The model produces clean, 95CRI colour-accurate light in temperatures of 2700-6500K at up to 1400 lumens. On top of that, there’s a choice of 360 colours in its RGB mode. This means that whether you’re looking to flood a scene with a balance of artificial and natural

illumination, or with garish neon for a club-like effect, both are equally possible. With flicker-free operation and dimmable control, the PavoTube 15C can be powered via the mains. Alternatively, its rechargeable battery contains enough juice for more than two hours of use at full output. With wireless connectivity, it can be controlled remotely.

With increasing numbers of hybrid stills/video shooters coming to market, more hybrid accessories are required to support them. The NEO 2 provides continuous 2000-lux light at three feet and houses a flash that has an output 250% more powerful using AA or li-ion batteries – and 500% more powerful when connected to the mains. Its flash power may still not go toe-to-toe with a speedlight, but the flexibility it provides on a shoot could be priceless. Both the continuous and flash output features adjustable colour temperatures, and there’s no recycle time to worry about. Six AA batteries provide 85,000 full-power flashes, or over an hour of continuous light at max power. A built-in Elinchrom Skyport receiver also makes wireless control of the NEO 2 possible from up to 200m away.



NanLite Forza 60

Rotolight Anova Pro 2

The Forza 60’s massive 11,950 lux output is akin to that of a traditional 500W tungsten lamp. Daylight balanced at a fixed 5600K temperature with 98CRI colour accuracy, it may not have the flexibility of other products, but it can flood a scene with natural-looking light for stills or video with ease. A separate Bowens S-Type mount adapter is available, enabling access to hundreds of light modifiers, and it can take advantage natively of several NanLite options, including a Fresnel lens and soft box. Its output is fully dimmable with the light’s rear controls, or remotely via Wi-Fi using a compatible app. A silent fan mode keeps operation quiet for filming, while four light effects, including TV and Storm, give videographers some creative options to play with. Powered by the mains as standard, an NPF mount battery caddy can be used to make the device portable if required.

Taking the hybrid functionality of the NEO 2 and jacking it up to truly professional levels, the Anova Pro 2 provides 10,700 lux of continuous light output. What’s more, its HSS flash mode increases that by 250%. It also boasts a 1/8000sec maximum sync speed and no flash recycle delay. The light’s variable colour temperature of 3150-6300K makes it suitable for daylight and tungsten-lit environments, with no additional filters required. It retains high colour accuracy throughout its range with 96CRI. The unit can be powered by the mains, while it also takes V-Lock batteries that provide 150,000 full-power flashes. Various light effects can be produced, thanks to the unit’s CineSFX functionality.

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