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PODCAST FOR THE PLANET Planet Hope, a 12-part podcast series by The Times , uses Emmy award-winning Cleanfeed to record remotely. This podcast is one of many produced by Anya Pearce, as well as The Times environment editor Adam Vaughan, and includes interviews with individuals providing solutions to protect the planet.

Cleanfeed’s online studio for audio recording is popular with radio journalists and podcasters. Multiple tracks support interviews with more than two people at a time. According to Pearce, who needs to broadcast top-quality, real-time audio over the internet, Cleanfeed ‘makes location irrelevant in terms of audio quality.’

CRITICAL CONNECTION Dejero provided connectivity to TJC, a British home-shopping network, after the facility’s fibre lines went down. TJC usually relies on a single network, which was compromised for a number of days. Dejero’s EnGo mobile transmitter provided wireless connectivity during this critical period. “Our management team were incredibly grateful for the immediate support and understanding Dejero delivered,” explained Martin Willingham, TJC broadcast manager. The EnGo helped TJC push live video onto YouTube, provide graphics and price updates to an auction channel from an off-site location and assist with the operational side of TJC’s business.

IN ALL DIRECTIONS Profuz Digital’s latest version of SubtitleNext includes innovative capabilities in vertical text, supporting East Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The system offers text in every direction – right to left, left to right, top to bottom and bottom to top – and emphasis elements to aid in pronunciation. SubtitleNext also allows exports of error lists as CSV files, issue checks and processing times, all while ensuring aspect ratios are not disrupted. “SubtitleNext’s new version brings game-changing advances that enhance functionality and user experience,” noted Profuz CEO Ivanka Vassileva.

Dejero also deployed GateWay, with Smart Blending Technology to combine wired and wireless IP connections and form a ‘network of networks.’ This provided a powerful temporary connection. “Dejero’s customer service was incredibly impressive,” continued Willingham, explaining how this helped TJC ‘establish solid, secure connectivity for a multitude of devices and systems that would have otherwise been offline.’

CONCERTED EFFORT Launched in 2019, Funicular Goats – a multicam, cinematic production company – has established an impressive reputation across the live event, broadcast and streaming industries. It has worked on high-profile projects such as stadium concerts, Super Bowl halftime shows and much more – and achieves its success using AJA equipment. Funicular Goats works with stakeholders to establish a workflow design and equipment list tailored to each project. This may include cameras, intercoms, monitors and more, with projects averaging 10-20 cameras. Most projects require live grading and SDR delivery, though HDR is becoming more commonplace for larger- scale events. Additionally, 4K footage is a must. Recent credits include working with Elton John, The Weeknd and the Foo Fighters, plus Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show.


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