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It’s hard to keep track of the freshest announcements in such a fast-paced industry – but FEED has all the headlines in product launches and innovations! TECHNOLOGY & DEPLOYMENTS

SAFE AND SOUND NanoStream Cloud is now even more secure with NanoStream Guardian, which blocks unauthorised access. The new service provides robust stream protection and addresses the concerns of publishers and IP holders. Illegal playback and replications are a challenge for many content providers, since they may be forced to compete with their own content that is being distributed on an illegitimate platform. NanoStream Guardian appears on NanoStream Cloud’s analytics dashboard, providing an overview of suspicious activity and subsequently blocking identified threats. GOING FOR GOLD TVU Networks is providing its cloud-based live production tools to broadcasters and content creators at the 2024 Summer Olympics. The Games, due to take place at 35 venues in mainland France and Tahiti, will also require a dedicated technical support team. TVU’s key offerings will include its remote-production ecosystem, which features the TVU RPS One, RPS Link Encoder, Producer and Remote Commentator. The company will be able to provide synchronised multicamera production – with

ON THE HUSH-HUSH Yellowtec’s OnAir Controller, which – it’s in the name – controls on-air signalling, is available as the Hush or Hush+. Both offer extensive features and functions, but Hush+ has additional controls such as a mute button. The devices work with any M!ka mic arm or mounting system. Hush+ also serves as a full-strength mic preamp. With the Hush app, users can adjust the gain of their microphone signal, activate phantom power and even remove unwanted background noise. Five modes cover integration options for applications such as live streams, prerecorded audio productions and the like. camera, a new area for apps and life- sized FaceTime calls – all controlled by sight, sound and touch and housed in a dedicated operating system – VisionOS. Users can switch from augmented to A NEW VISION In June, Apple unveiled its ‘spatial computer,’ a VR/AR headset called the Apple Vision Pro. It features two ultra-high- res displays and advanced spatial audio for immersive entertainment experiences, wherever the wearer. Branded by Apple as a ‘personal theatre,’ the Vision Pro boasts more pixels than a 4K TV. Other impressive features include a 3D

virtual realities for working, gaming, streaming and so on. The Vision Pro includes something called EyeSight, meaning the user’s eyes can be visible or blurred to signal whether they can see their surroundings. For those who wear glasses, Apple plans to offer an additional lens attachment. The battery life leaves something to be desired, promising two hours of use before needing to be plugged in. But that aside, the Vision Pro will be available in early 2024 in the US (late 2024 in other countries) for a retail price of $3,499.

shots of the venues, athletes and fans, of France and any relevant breaking news – and accompanying audio commentaries. TVU will also offer 24/7 support throughout the entire event, in addition to an onsite team.


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