FEED Autumn 2023 Web


What’s your origin story? My name is Suvrat Bhooshan, CEO of Gan.ai. I was working at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) in New York, publishing papers in deep learning conferences like NeurIPS and ACL, which I left to start Gan.ai in January 2021. Generative AI was not a buzzword at the time, but its application in marketing and sales was imminent. Personalisation and targeted outreach improves conversion percentages, but there was no easy, scalable way to do it with videos. We decided to solve this problem by enabling personalisation in videos, much in the spirit of what mail merge did for email campaigns. The awesome thing about Gan.ai is the user ‘aha!’ moment when you generate and show a video with a customer’s name – they pay attention to the message you are communicating. When seeing the increased conversion percentage across the customer funnel, brands who have used it in one campaign push for it across the customer life cycle. What is the company working on right now? We’re expanding our US go-to-market with new users doubling each month. We aim to close more consumer brands that can use the power of video personalisation to connect with their customers better. We also hope to further expand the product-led-growth motion for B2B companies. We currently work with the biggest enterprise brands like MPL that could times their video completion rate by five by calling out a user’s first name and city, leading to significant improvement in their user-resurrection rates. Gan.ai is the only AI company globally that goes beyond English, supporting ten languages. It has generated more than 55,000 hours of personalised content viewed more than 500 million times. What is the next step for the company? At Gan.ai, we push the boundaries of AI to democratise access to the technology. It takes two minutes of training data and 24 to 48 hours of training to personalise your videos. We want to make this process instant, widely available and seamless, without requiring additional data. We’re also investing heavily in R&D, coming up with product innovations in the video personalisation space. What one thing does the company need most? Quick adoption in the US market. When one or two big consumer brands adopt our technology for campaigns, it drives a domino effect for the market to follow suit. As well as to educate brands about the power of AI-personalised video campaigns – with Gan.ai they can fetch never-seen-before engagement, brand recall and conversion percentages across the customer funnel.


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