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In a slightly uneasy move, perhaps uncertain of not being at the forefront of anything web- or information-related, Google was quick to throw its hat into the conversational AI ring. The end of March 2023 saw the launch of Google Bard, its competitor to ChatGPT, which was available only to over-18s. Its USP is that it can access up-to-date information from the internet and comes with a ‘Google it’ button. Bard wasn’t Google’s first try to be a part of the narrative. Its predecessor was an earlier language model, Lamda. Controversy descended when one of its engineers claimed its answers to prompts were so compelling that he believed it to be sentient. Google promptly denied this – and fired him. Totally not suspicious at all!

humanity that is embodied within that creative expression, the more it means to you. “This vlog is so basic. In GPT4’s defence, I could’ve gone deeper with the prompts and perhaps it could’ve faked having a soul a little bit more. But as it stands now, it felt robotic – like a photocopy of a photocopy of something that was possibly good. “Maybe it’ll get better. I kind of hope it doesn’t because I like creative expression when it originates with humans and not with robots. But for now, I think I’m going to go back to using my human, organic, non-AI brain to write my videos.”

NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM It’s easy to let fear win out when it comes to this highly contentious topic. It’s seen as scary because it’s new and we’ve only just scratched its artificial surface. Despite the newness, chatbots like ChatGPT are some of the most proficient, accessible technologies seen in modern times.


Alarm at this sudden accessibility and proficiency has accelerated into anxiety. Many are forgetting that, at this point, it is a tool to support rather than replace. Usually access to new, intelligence-related tech belongs with governments or military bodies, staying out of reach from the general public. Therefore, is it any wonder the moment we gain access, it translates into something to be afraid of? As long as we keep in mind there is not a human behind the words or artwork, we have nothing to fear – and instead should embrace this exciting new era of tech. Although if FEED is being fully produced by robots in a year’s time – I take it all back!


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