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dependence on AI for social interactions can hinder the development of social skills and empathy, leading to potential isolation or diminished interpersonal relationships. y Privacy concerns: ChatGPT interactions may involve sharing personal or sensitive information. There is a risk that this data could be stored, analysed, or used for purposes beyond the immediate conversation, potentially compromising user privacy and security. Overall, while ChatGPT has several positive impacts, it is important to address the potential negative implications and work towards mitigating them through responsible development, continual improvement, and robust oversight. LACKING THE HUMAN TOUCH Verity again. Although it is a thoroughly comprehensive, if slightly wooden, list of AI societal side effects, the list of negatives is lacking one crucial bullet point. Perhaps the AI is too ashamed to admit it to itself? Who knows. No matter how well explained, precisely worded and concisely structured, it just doesn’t read or feel the same. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s loudest voices, amassing a following of 12.5 million subscribers and a gargantuan 3.1 billion total views of his content. Documenting his life in New York, Neistat’s videos warmly resonate with his audience. Delivering a shockingly raw, emotional – but humorous – style of filmmaking, his IT DOESN’T READ OR FEEL THE SAME. AND I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY

Here is a poem that ChatGPT wrote about FEED : A ROBOT’S SONNET

Man-Wai Wong, with design, cast his spell, creating a visual symphony, where stories dwell. Each page a canvas, a fusion of art and thought, engaging readers’ minds, leaving them begot. And in the new year, a change took flight, Verity Butler, the editor, shining bright. January arrived, a torchbearer to succeed, continuing FEED’s legacy, fulfilling its need. From Neal’s departure, a new chapter unfolds, Verity’s pen, the story now unrolls. She guides the ship with grace and insight, nurturing the voices that bring FEED to light. So let us raise a toast to FEED’s boundless might, a magazine that illuminates with its might. With BRIGHT’s creative touch and Verity’s reign, FEED shall thrive, its brilliance sustain. For in the realm of knowledge, where ideas intertwine, FEED magazine stands tall, its essence divine. Broadcast, media, sports, tech, and more, a beacon of wisdom, forever to explore.

In the realm of knowledge, where ideas ignite, a magazine was born, shedding vibrant light. FEED, the quarterly publication it became, a beacon of wisdom, setting minds aflame. Launched in 2018 by Neal Romanek’s hand, covering broadcast, media, a wide-ranging strand. Sports, technology, and entertainment’s embrace, FEED unveiled secrets, a world to embrace. Within its pages, a treasure trove unfolds, insights and strategies, stories untold. A knowledge hub for businesses far and wide, to accelerate and grow, with confidence as theirguide. Published by BRIGHT, a creative agency’s heart, in Sawston Cambridge, where innovation’s art. Their vision, a tapestry woven with care, bringing brilliance to life, beyond compare.


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