FEED Autumn 2023 Web

AD ECOSYSTEM Yahoo and Samba TV have entered a strategic partnership, allowing Yahoo to provide its advertisers with a campaign- targeting and measurement solution in the UK and Canada. This follows a preexisting deal in Australia, which helps advertising agencies manage their TV budgets within the Yahoo ecosystem.

Samba TV’s smart TV solution will integrate into all three markets, helping advertisers connect with audiences across digital devices. The move “reflects ambition to bring solutions connecting advertisers to audiences with greater precision, scale and seamless ad experiences,” said David Barker, SVP of international sales at Samba TV.



LucidLink added Minute Media and DC Thomson to its list of clients – media companies that use its tech for remote collaboration. LucidLink’s cloud- based solution allows teams to prioritise creative output. LucidLink helps Minute Media’s video content creators collect on-location coverage. DC Thomson, publisher of the world’s longest-running weekly comic, The Beano , uses LucidLink to eliminate upload and download times. It allows “editors, photographers and videographers… to work fluidly in a way that wasn’t possible before,” remarked DC Thomson video editor Callum Main.

Visual Data has fully acquired EVA Localisation, a European provider of both dubbing and accessibility services, with 56 studios across Spain, Germany and France. This acquisition will now enable multi- language dubbing, subtitling and more – with a keen focus on the European market. Visual Data’s team of international experts will benefit content creators and distributors both globally and locally. “With EVA, we are better equipped than ever to support our customers in delivering high-quality localised content,” said Visual Data CEO John Trautman. Visual Data already enjoys regional expertise in the US, the

UK, India and the Philippines, but anticipates Europe being a key market. “We want to ensure our clients have access to these services when they need them,” stated Simon Constable, Visual Data’s EVP of global language services. Thanks in part to EVA, Visual Data can offer content from VOD and audiobooks to podcasts, in a wide range of languages.

EASTERN OPPORTUNITIES Quickplay has coupled with Google Cloud to deliver digital opportunities to broadcasters, streaming providers and others in the Middle East. This effort comes as part of Quickplay’s global expansion strategy. Existing customers include Aha in India, PLDT in the Philippines and MSG Networks in North America. By leveraging Google Cloud’s regional data centre in Qatar, Quickplay can serve customers cloud-native solutions, FAST services, low-latency video as well as real-time recommendations. According to Kip Schauer, Google Cloud’s global head of M&E and gaming partnerships: “Quickplay has proven repeatedly they have the vision, commitment and expertise to drive positive market results for the media industry in the Middle East and beyond.”

REAL DEAL Advanced Systems Group (ASG) has partnered with Zero Density to provide its line of virtual studio, AR and graphics technologies to broadcast, esports and live event productions. This association sees ASG expand its existing systems- integration portfolio. Zero Density is best known for its Reality Engine, which uses Unreal Engine

graphics for real-time video I/O, keying, compositing and rendering, all via one machine. It also offers Traxis, an AI- powered tracker for LED sets and green screens, for producers to create and capture photorealistic displays. “They’re taking photorealistic XR to a new level,” said Dave Van Hoy, ASG president. “We believe it’s the highest quality available.”


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