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Mainz 05, one of the teams in Germany’s Bundesliga football league, is using Riedel’s Bolero S wireless intercom system for its communications. With six Bolero S beltpacks split between coaches, analysts, trainers and physiotherapists, Mainz 05 have enjoyed vastly improved communications on and off the field. Bolero S promises crisp audio quality, strong connection and ease of use “whether it’s during technical set-up, throughout the game, or in our post-match wrap analysis,” said Tijan Njie, Mainz 05 video analysis specialist. Thanks to seriously powerful connectivity over long distances – as well as multiple channels – coaches and trainers can communicate with physiotherapists and vice

versa. If there’s an injury on the pitch, the team can respond in real time – and if a player is needed from the locker room, they have a few extra minutes to prepare. Having a hiccup-free workflow helps Mainz 05 “maintain its competitive edge in all senses,” according to Torben Hermann, sales manager at Riedel. “Bolero S allows all members of any team to remain in-the-know and respond accordingly.”

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS Coupang Play, exclusive streaming broadcast rights holder for the K League football season in 2023, is using Viz Libero for in-depth game analysis. One of the fastest-growing OTT services in South Korea, it also streams Formula 1, the NHL, MLS, La Liga and Ligue 1.

Viz Libero offers marking, labelling, virtual presentations, telestration and player extraction, not to mention various monetisation opportunities for operators. But “the real power of Viz Libero is how easy it is to learn and use,” said TruLive Media CEO Jiwoong Kim. TruLive

Media is responsible for all sports programming on Coupang Play. By implementing Viz Libero, Coupang Play is treating South Korean sports fans to a more engaging game experience via AI-powered analysis. “That’s a win both for fans and for us,” said Kim.


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