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technical spaces, the key drivers are video content and refresh rates. When the projects aren’t of the highest quality, they lose the illusion. Stepping back and looking at network distribution and security, they want everything to be on a network – that is the path forward.” CUSTOMISED CONTROL Forward Thinking Designs has deployed Riedel MediorNet MuoN, which offers processing such as up, down and cross conversion, as well as embedding or de-embedding capabilities, in a VirtU IP core infrastructure platform. This is combined with MediorNet FusioN, for signal conversion of SDI/HDMI to IP and IP to HDMI/SDI at the edge, using the Riedel API to interface to Q-SYS.

Thinking Designs has done it again with this Q-SYS integration.” With the introduction of MediorNet more than a decade ago, Riedel has pioneered the distributed approach to video infrastructures by combining signal transport, routing, processing and conversion in a redundant real- time network. Since then, MediorNet has grown to be a versatile and reliable AV networking backbone. To this day, MediorNet remains the only system offering all the advantages of distributed, software-defined hardware. Riedel’s most recent answer to the challenges arising from the IP transformation is a range of innovative SFP-based technologies to complement MediorNet’s MicroN, MicroN UHD and Compact intelligent signal interfaces as well as the MetroN core switch. Boasting the highest density on the market, the processing modules and hubs MuoN, FusioN and VirtU round out the Riedel video portfolio with full IP solutions. All these versatile devices can serve a wide range of applications, but are united by two key qualities at the foundation of the company’s media infrastructure philosophy: they are distributed and software-defined.

Pairing Riedel’s SMPTE ST 2110 products with the Q-SYS control system, the company is building a cost-effective and highly customised set-up for audio, video, intercom and even GPI, enabling its customers to control details down to the area, user and even time of day, while supplying spectacular images. “Being able to control the FusioN routes, while controlling the whole AVL system within one platform, is a tremendous advantage,” states Hall. “By controlling the routes down to a granular level, we are able to build highly customised control systems for the customer. Riedel has been a great partner, always ready to help us with our bespoke projects.” “By lowering the price point and reducing the complexity of bringing broadcast-quality video into corporate and hospitality applications, the solution developed by Forward Thinking Designs is a game changer for the AV space,” says Joyce Bente, president and CEO, the Americas, at Riedel Communications. “We love partnering with innovative companies that find ways to leverage Riedel technologies broadly – and realise even greater benefits. Forward

EN ROUTE A SMPTE ST 2110 studio feed from Riedel MediorNet



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