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Forward Thinking Designs uses Riedel’s MediorNet IP platform to deliver high-quality video to entertainment and corporate venues

orward Thinking Designs is an award-winning design and development company

of developers specialising in custom plug-in creation. The company is using Riedel’s MediorNet FusioN IP edge devices and MediorNet MuoN SFPs in a VirtU IP platform to bring SMPTE ST 2110 and its many benefits into corporate and hospitality spaces. In delivering development services including show control programming and custom Q-SYS plug-ins, the company is leveraging Riedel’s IP solutions to handle uncompressed video over a wide area network (WAN) for high- quality, broadcast-grade video. “For AV spaces that traditionally use compressed video, the upgrade to uncompressed HD or UHD broadcast- quality video offers stunning quality

WATCH ME! Riedel MediorNet IP – distributed video networks product video

for audio, video, lighting and show control systems specialising in the themed entertainment industry. Based in Florida, the company has worked on theme parks, attractions, museums, live shows, cruise lines and many other immersive experiences worldwide. Today, entertainment and hospitality rely on increasingly complex, powerful control systems. But the hardware can only ever be as good as the software set-up that is controlling it. Forward Thinking Designs’ expertise lies in both designing and programming show control systems – and the company also boasts a team

improvements,” explains Evan Hall, chief of big ideas at Forward Thinking Designs. “However, broadcast control systems are quite expensive, so the real trick was to find a broadcast- quality solution at an AV price. “That’s where Riedel’s Open API and the Q-SYS control system come in – providing SMPTE ST 2110 routing and supporting easy embedding and de-embedding of audio into the AES67 ecosystem. We selected Riedel’s SMPTE ST 2110 MediorNet solution for its full-featured, RESTful control API and the company’s history of making robust, mission-critical products. “We have a substantial themed entertainment project underway where all of the distribution throughout the park is SMPTE 2110,” continues Hall. “As themed entertainment companies move towards being really immersive

TRIED AND TESTED Forward Thinking Designs’ developer group are closing the gap in show control system technology


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