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X D E T I S B E W X F N U Q Z T R E M O T E C J Y P I X E L S S K J R P E B O N Y I E T U R O S L C R E P R U B T T R Y B I Y L U P E B E B R H U L F S N K L L I B I E O Z O I R X B Y V C M R D P Q I M A A F V S E W X E N O T D C D T S I E V G N G H K G R O N Y R L O R Q W A A L T H O I P A U O L P U E A T G O D Z D L M T R S I H D S U N E P I X M N T Y M Y I R X O G U O A C C P W Y J N B D M Capture life’s magical moments across all devices with the Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSDXC memory card with SD adapter offering read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Samsung’s latest cards are also ultra reliable and are water, temperature, X-ray and magnetic proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue. We have one 128GB Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC card with SD adapter worth £78.99 for the eagle-eyed winner. Complete the word search below, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 11 March 2018 and the winner will be randomly drawn from all correct entries received. The correct answer to PN50’s wordsearch was Ivy and the Samsung 128GB PRO+ cardwas won byNikWatt fromEdinburgh. A Samsung memory card! WIN!

Editor’s letter Looking forward – and back!

Every year sees me cleaning up last year’s picture catalogues and preparing for – hopefully! – the onslaught of new material. It is time-consuming, a drudge, but ultimately very rewarding. Yes, it means I free up plenty of storage space, but I also realise I do have the odd gem that I am very pleased with. Not only that but I find that shots that I thought were fit only for the wastebasket when I first loaded them into the catalogue are actually not as terrible as I first thought. It is as if some pictures mature with time and when viewed away from the emotion I felt as I pressed the shutter button. There are, of course, plenty that are failures and will be till the end of time and these are deleted without any qualms. This, by the way, is why I never delete straight after the shoot because I would have lost pictures that I now treasure. I do shoot tens of thousands of shots every year. This is no idle boast and it is nothing to be proud of, but that number does include a great many shots I take when camera testing and these shots are usually of nothing special. The local high street, the nearest stately home and the back garden regularly feature in my testing regime. And so does London. Taking a test camera for a trip to the capital actually encourages me to do things that I have never done before and to visit new places. Late last year, I went up the Monument and the Sky Garden atop the Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch St) building on the premise of having a new camera to play with. The results were nothing notable but the camera got a good test. And speaking of London, if you like the idea of a fun day out shooting in the capital with PN , then put this year’s Photo 24 in your diary: it kicks off at 3pm on 29 June.

If you have never heard of Photo 24, it is free shoot in the city – in association with Fujifilm – that lasts 24 hours. Some people set out to shoot the whole 24 hours, others do a few hours while some will break up the day and book a hotel or go home for a sleep. The thing is, Photo 24 is what you make of it. Last year, I met one chap who lived and worked in London but who used the event as motivation to shoot sights he often walked past. I suspect another reason is that by attending Photo 24 he could enter the special contests we have running for the event. Another chap I met came down from Preston to meet with friends he made the previous year. It takes all sorts so if the idea of spending some quality shooting time with a group of like-minded souls appeals, put 29 and 30 June in the diary. How you get a place on Photo 24 (and it is very popular and we are limited on numbers) will be revealed in a future PN so please stay with us. So far this year, news of new cameras has been rather thin on the ground, but that will soon change and already I have three launches in the diary. One new product that will surely get a great many photographers excited when (and if) it appears is the much- rumoured Nikon full-frame mirrorless. There’s no sign of a launch date yet, but for some of us including me, its arrival, whenever it is, will be already be too late as I am now committed to a mirrorless system. Anyway, see you next month for more from the coalface. Cheers.

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