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31 #WexMondays

Tony Sellen, second

It’s two ina rowforTony too.He’s been runner- up in the #WexMondays competition for the last two years, so LondonUnderground signal engineer Tony Sellen is clearly heading in the right direction and he’s a talented exponent of long exposures. He told PN : “Long exposure photography lets you take a scene and make it your own. Whether it’s smoothing out water or turning fluffy clouds into sleek streaks in the sky, it’s all about putting your own creative spin on the image.” Tony said he knew he couldn’t resist the lure of the #WexMondays contest. “The notion of community is what first got me involved. Then I started to see all these wonderful images appearing on Monday mornings. There was always a lot of discussion among entrants and I thought it would be fun to join in. It became a goal to try and better myself week in and week out. “I found that #WexMondays is a real motivator. It really gets you to push yourself hard. But of course, it’s a real challenge to produce a good shot each and every week.” A lover of black &white photography, Tony believes it’s a style that is never going out of fashion: He stated: “It’s timeless. There are no distracting colours, and thus the attention is more on the image and composition. It’s much harder to create a ‘wow’ image in black & white than in colour.” One of Tony’s favourite submissions in the 2017 competition was Evolution. “The timing had to be spot on. It takes a lot of waiting and a little bit of luck to get the perfect composition in street photography.”

Above Evolution, shot in Valencia, was one of Tony’s favourite entries in the 2017 #WexMondays contest. “It takes a lot of waiting and a little bit of luck to get the perfect composition in street photography,” he says.

What’s next? “Who knows what the future will bring? It’s great to enjoy a hobby but if that hobby becomes work – then maybe the fun stops? “This year I’d like to print more, exhibit more and hopefully see more of my work

published. I love taking photographs but seeing the completed image in print form hanging on a wall is the most satisfying part of it all.”

Amy Bateman, third

Cumbria-based Amy Bateman used to work as a physiotherapist. She gave it all up to focus on her three small children – and the family farm. Then she found photography. “I’ve always been reasonably creative,” she said. “I can draw and paint – but I fell in love with photography when I enrolled for evening classes. I just got hooked. Now my camera is with me all the time. I’ve traded a handbag for a camera bag.” Amy came third overall in the #WexMondays 2017 contest. One of her winning images (Small World – frogspawn, pictured left) was a shot described as ‘stunning’ by Louis Wahl at the awards event. The same image is now included in the latest Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition shortlist – and recently featured in a Guardian newspaper picture spread. Added Amy: “Photography has provided me with a wonderful release; to have ownership over something that I can do that’s nothing to do with my children or the farm. It fits in beautifully with my life. It

means that I can edit work and play around with Lightroomwhen the kids are in bed.” Amy has become well known for her macro work but insists that she is really more of an all-round photographer at heart. “I love taking portraits and I am shooting a wedding soon. “I want to learn to drive my camera across a variety of disciplines. I still have so much to learn. I don’t want to focus on any single element because it will simply mean I am missing out on all the others.” She added: “The #WexMondays competition is a platform for a really supportive and inclusive photo community. It’s addictive to see other people’s work and learn from it. "Once you get on the leader board you just have to keep on going to see how high you can climb. To come third overall is a thrill but I want to see just how far I can push myself in this and other competitions.”

Above Amy Bateman’s shot of frogspawn was highly praised byWex’s Louis Wahl.

Now, it’s your turn

Every Monday any UK-based photographer can tweet one image – using the #WexMondays hashtag – that must have been captured during the previous seven days. Entrants can opt for any theme and can tweet their chosen image at any point during the day. Every Tuesday Wex judges compile a shortlist of their ten favourite images from the

week in question and nominate a winner and two runners-up. Each weekly winner is awarded a £20 Wex Photo Video voucher and 100 points; second and third place receive 50 and 25 points respectively. The seven remaining shortlisted entries receive 10 points. Points are tallied via the

#WexMondays leader boardandaccumulated throughout the year. The overall top-scoring photographer is presented with the Wex Photographer of the Year title, plus a Wex Photo Video voucher worth £1500. The runner-up receives £500 worth of vouchers and the photographer in third place wins vouchers worth £250.

For more information about this weekly contest and your chance to become the next Wex Photographer of the Year visit the links below.

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