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Smallest and lightest Fujifilm X camera yet

Samsung has announced its upgraded SATA solid state drive (SSD) line-up. The 860 PRO and 860 EVO series are the first consumer SSD drives with V-NAND technology and offer industry leading performance in speed, reliability, compatibility and capacity. Both SSDs support up to 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write speeds, so time-saving for image-makers using the the latest high megapixel cameras and shooting 4K video. The 860 EVO will be available in five capacities from 250GB to 4TB, with the 250GB priced at £90.49 and the 4TB at £1324.49. The 860 EVO is available in 2.5in for PCs and laptops as well as mSATA and M2 form factors. Five sizes are also offered in the 860 PRO range, which is available in 2.5in form so suitable The X-A5 might be the smallest and lightest X-series camera we’ve seen from Fujifilm so far, but lurking in that compact, elegant body is a camera bristling with the latest technology and features. The sensor is a newly developed 24.2-megapixel CMOS unit that offers an ISO range of 200 to 12,800 with expansion up to 51,200. You can shoot Raw, JPEGs and Full HD video, plus the X-A5 has some interesting 4K video features, too. You can record Full HD video up to quad speed for slow motion clips, while in 4K there is a Multi Focus setting that automatically stacks images as it adjusts focus, to give extreme depth-of-field. There’s also a 4K Burst function that shoots 15 frames in a second, then you can choose the shot that captures the moment best. The camera features Fujifilm’s famous Film Simulation modes with 11 settings on offer, and in addition there are 17 advanced filter settings to explore, including Fog Remove and HDR Art. Exposures are handled by an advanced TTL 256-zone light measuring system with the option of multi-zone, spot and average settings. Working with this is the usual line-up of program, advanced-priority, shutter-priority and manual modes. Mechanical and electronic shutters are available, the top speed on the former is 1/4000sec while

At-a-glance spec

Sensor 23.5x15.7mm CMOS sensor giving 6000x4000 pixel images. Features ultrasonic vibration sensor cleaning Lens mount Fujifilm-X ISO range 200-12,800, expansion up to 51,200 Shutter range Mechanical: 4secs to 1/4000sec in P, 30secs to 1/4000sec in other modes. B up to 60 mins, time setting: 30secs to 1/4000sec. Flash sync 1/180sec 1/32,000sec in other modes. B 1sec fixed, time setting: 30secs to 1/32,000sec Continuous shooting Up to 6fps LCDmonitor Tiltable 3in touch-screen LCD with 1040k dots Storage 1x SD/SDHC/SDXC card Battery life Up to 450 frames Dimensions 116.9x67.7x40.4mm Weight 361g with battery and card Contact Electronic shutter 4secs to 1/32,000sec in P, 30secs to

on the latter you get speeds up to 1/32,000sec for shooting in bright light with wide-lens apertures. For action subjects, the X-A5 can race through shots at six frames- per-second. The camera’s battery has been enhanced and up to 450 exposures are possible. To go with the X-A5, and also fully compatible with other X-series cameras, is the very compact and lightweight XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ – it weighs a mere 135g.

Covering the 35mm format equivalent of 23 to 69mm, this XC 15-45mm is perfect as a general photography lens, and its compact dimensions make it an ideal partner for the X-A5. Its optical construction features ten elements, including three aspherical and two ED lenses in nine groups, to deliver a high quality performance. To save space, this zoom lens does not have a manual zoom barrel but an electric

zoom motor instead, with two speeds of operation, while an inner autofocusing mechanism gives a fast and silent operation. At the wide setting, focusing to within 5cm of the lens front makes good close-up shots possible. The Fujifilm X-A5 is priced at £549 with the XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens; brown, pink or black are the colour options. The XC15- 45mm f/3.5-5.6 lens sells for £259 in silver or black.

Snappy holsters Samsung’s new SSDs

MindShift has added to its bag range with four OutBound camera holsters designed to protect a single camera kit from the elements, so perfect for the great outdoors. Each features a domed top, adjustable dividers and a large side pocket, while an elements barrier under the zip

keeps dust and moisture away from the holster’s contents. The Outbound Holster 10, which can take an APS-C DSLR, has a guide price of £67.25; the largest is the 50, suitable for a DSLR, fast aperture lens and a flashgun, is priced at £96.

for laptops, NAS drives and PCs; as a guide the 256GB version costs £126.49 and the 1TB £433.49.

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