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Contemplation wins it for Ludshott PC Photographers across South East England flocked online to view images taken by talented representatives from 17 clubs, with Ludshott PC emerging triumphant

IN MID-MARCH, members from 17 of the Surrey Photographic Association’s clubs competed for the Surrey Advertiser Rosebowl. Each submitted five images that combined to represent a theme. Forming a complete panel, the images were assessed and appraised for balance, as well as style. Contemplation, Street Life, Surrey Woodland, Black & White, Wildlife in Lockdown and The Sky at Night were some of the themes presented by club members. “I really enjoyed the fact that some clubs chose a difficult subject,” says experienced photographer Leo Rich ARPS, presiding over the event. “They created entries with great skill, making my task more challenging.” The winner was Ludshott PC, triumphing with its impressive panel, entitled Contemplation. “I chose this panel as my winner because a great deal of thought had gone into the selection of the images,”

explains judge Rich. “There was a lovely cohesion between them.” The best individual image, Mummy’s Angel (pictured top right), was also submitted by Ludshott. “This image bends, if not breaks, some of the ‘rules’ of club photography. The bond and love of the mother is plain to see. Her look leads you to the child, and the photographer has been clever to make sure the child is the focus of attention through careful lighting. This gives the feeling of a Dutch master’s painting from years past,” says Rich. Woking PS hosted the popular competition, celebrating its 61st year. “This was by far our biggest night of the year,” says club president, Rob Bonfield. “At its peak, 170 people joined us online to view the 102 images. Many thanks to our team for organising an extremely well run competition, and my congratulations to Ludshott.”

ABOVE Three of five images that formed Ludshott PC’s panel, proving victorious in the Surrey Advertiser Rosebowl

Thanet’s mad month

Isle of Thanet PS had a very busy month, with 261 entries submitted to its March competitions. Themes included Yellow and Transport, plus the club held its fourth-quarter PDI. Harbour Mandala (right) by Andrew Kettle was one of the entries for the latter competition. Judges were challenged to critique interesting and creative images, from animals to landscapes, trains and waterfalls. As well as competitions, the club organised an audio-visual evening, enabling members to showcase creative skills and enjoy a variety of presentations.

“We started this season not knowing what to expect,” comments club chairman Laura Drury, reviewing the past six months. “Like everyone else, we entered uncharted waters, but remarkably, the club has gone from strength to strength in numbers and quality of work. Members have been inspired to experiment by nationwide speakers, resulting in fabulous images. Our special interest in nature and analogue groups also helped members try new techniques. A potentially disastrous year has turned out to be very creative and productive.”

Despite the success, the club looks forward to in-person meetings on Mondays from September – and hosting its annual exhibition at the York Street Gallery in Ramsgate in June. isleofthanetphotographicsociety.

Yorkshire,s pursuit of perfection The National Science andMedia Museum is set to host a ‘hybrid’ photographic exhibition

In Pursuit of Perfection is the title of the Yorkshire Photographic Union’s annual competition exhibition. This year, more than 3000 entries were received, with 373 due to be displayed. These consist of 201 prints and 172 digital images, judged virtually for the first time. The exhibition opens on the National Science and Media Museum’s website from 16 April, with the physical exhibition displayed at the temporarily closed museum, when it reopens, until 27 June 2021. Please check the museum website for reopening and booking details.

Cambridge CC is hosting a free online event at 7pm on 26 April, previewing its selected annual exhibition. Displaying stunning images across all photographic genres and highlighting those gaining sponsors’ awards and the mayor’s choice, attendees shall receive free access to the online exhibition to revisit at their leisure. Cambridge CC’s online show

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