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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Teamof excellence Introducing the newest fivemembers of WhiteWall’s Ambassador Program.These photography perfectionists expand the growing community to nine imaging luminaries

1. Mary Ruffinoni A French fashion photographer, Mary Ruffinoni is considered an up-and-coming newcomer in the industry. Nonetheless, she’s starting to make a real name for herself, in particular for her work with well-known magazines. Mary captures powerfully expressive protagonists, bringing fashion to the fore through elegant minimalism. 2. Andreas P. Verrios/ Mr. NYC Subway The American photographer Andreas P. Verrios – better known as Mr. NYC Subway – also thrives

FOLLOWING A SUCCESSFUL launch, the WhiteWall Ambassador Program is getting even bigger. With five new ambassadors, the group now contains nine fascinating international photographers, eager to provide great insights into their work and the world of WhiteWall products. For more information, or to apply yourself, check out “We’re very pleased that our new Ambassador Program has been so well received,” beams WhiteWall founder and CEO, Alexander Nieswandt. “We never expected so many exciting applications.

A huge thank you goes out to our customers, as well as all the interested parties that want to become part of this new community of ambassadors. We really appreciate your trust!” continues Alexander. “Storytelling is an extremely important aspect of our brand, and nobody can better illustrate the benefits of our products than our professionals – our brand ambassadors – who work with them every day,” explains WhiteWall CEO, Thomas Alscheid. WhiteWall’s Ambassador Program is scheduled to expand further in the second half of 2021.

on getting people in front of the camera. No one captures the New York subway and all its exciting facets like Andreas. For him, people play such a special role in this colourful underground world. He is especially fascinated by dancers. With images that fuse the extraordinary and the mundane, Mr. NYC Subway has grown a large community on social media.

only natural due to her Austrian and Norwegian roots. Her photos display stunning aesthetics from every corner of the region. Through this work, she showcases the amazing and powerful forces emerging from the Arctic environment. Light forms a crucial aspect of her approach. 4. Daniel Zielske German photographer Daniel Zielske is also interested in remarkable shapes. Previously, he’s focused on travel and urban photography alongside his father. However, it’s art photography that’s become a vital part of his work, producing various photo essays and photography books. 5. Karsten Staiger Living in New York, German-born photographer Karsten Staiger has had plenty of interesting characters from a variety of fields in his camera sight. Whether capturing actor Robert Redford gracing New York’s rooftops, or framing dazzling arrangements with prima ballerina Misty Copeland, Karsten’s work never fails to reveal his love and passion for the Big Apple.

3. Isabelle Bacher Isabelle Bacher deals with a

completely different subject. She is fascinated by the landscapes north of the Arctic Circle – that’s perhaps






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