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Module Creative Lantern Kit £59.99 Module Effects Light Kit £49.99 Module Softbox £39.99 Module 360 clamp £9.99 Module 600 clamp £9.99

Hit the high lifewith Hähnel Hähnel has a long-established reputation as a leading supplier of quality imaging accessories that are innovative, genuinely useful and competitively priced. Its current line-up comprises cutting-edge speedlights, image-improving light modifiers, remote triggers and themost versatile battery chargers money can buy. Come in andmeet the Hähnel accessory family

Accessorise your speedlight

The speedlight is one of the most powerful creative tools in your camera bag – but to release its full potential, it needs help. Hähnel’s Module range features nicely priced modifiers that do just that. While designed specifically for its Modus flashguns, they perform very successfully on the majority of speedlights. Module accessories attach to the flash head using magnetism via a Module Clamp, a strong spring-loaded clip available in two sizes: the 360 (max width 64mm) and the 600 (max width 80mm). The clamp intuitively fits the speedlight head, quickly attaching or detaching and holding the modifier or accessory in position – without the need for anything extra. It’s a clever, practical design. And while these clamps are sold separately, they only cost £9.99 each. For softer lighting and less harsh shadows, the fantastic Module Softbox folds flat, storing easily in a camera bag.

Two accessory kits offer the potential for more creative shooting with your speedlight. The Module Light Effects Kit comprises a honeycomb grid, bounce card, filter adapter and six colour gels. Whether shooting with the flash on- or off-camera, the accessories supplied with this kit guarantee plenty of opportunity to innovate your photography. The most recent addition to Hähnel’s family of speedlight accessories is the Module Creative Lantern Kit. This outfit includes a filter adapter, six gel filters, a carrying wallet and an innovative modifier called the Lantern Diffuser. It folds up concertina-style for convenient carriage and simply opens up and fits on the front to use. It was designed by director of Hong Kong-based Hähnel Innovations Ltd, Michael Hähnel. “The inspiration for the design of the Module Lantern Diffuser came about during Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong,

ORIGINALLY FOUNDED IN Germany, Hähnel Industries is now based in Ireland. Initially, Hähnel’s emphasis was placed firmly on its own branded products. In more recent times, it has expanded its horizons, becoming a leading distributor of top-quality imaging brands in the UK and Ireland. Its product portfolio boasts Leofoto tripods, Litra LED lighting, Tokina lenses and Zhiyun gimbals. Nonetheless, the brand’s own range continues to flourish alongside this line-up of renowned names. Its collection of high-quality imaging

accessories have discerning, demanding and creative image makers in mind. There’s plenty of product innovation on offer. For example, its Modus 360RT and 600RT flashguns outperform camera-brand competitors, with high-capacity, rechargeable Extreme Li-ion batteries providing a very high number of flash bursts, coupled with superfast recharging times. In this feature, we take an in-depth look at the endless

where people display lanterns in all shapes, sizes and colours. They were really intriguing and gave off some interesting and colourful light,” says Michael. “The idea was to design a product that was creative and user-friendly. The concertina shape produced good, even light, but we also had to consider keeping the product as compact as possible. The Lantern Diffuser folds flat when not in use and, even though it is small, the diffusion white surface spans out much larger due to its concertina-fan shape.”

creative opportunities powered by Hähnel’s diverse product range.

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