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Energisewith the ProCube2

ProCube2 (Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony) £69.99 HL-PLC12 twin pack (DMW-BLC12) £69.99 HL-PLG10HP twin pack (DMW-BLG10EHP) £59.99 HL-X1 twin pack (NP-BX1) £49.99 HL-W235 twin pack (NP-W235) £89.99

No power means no photography – that renders battery welfare an important facet of modern imaging life. Fortunately, Hähnel’s family of ProCube2 chargers is ideally suited to keep you powered up. Buying the charger that matches your camera’s battery type, two cells can be charged simultaneously with intelligent, fast IC charge control and battery health check. Meanwhile, a mAh readout shares how much shooting capacity has been added

during charging. As a guide, 300mAh is enough for around 150 shots. If you need to get shooting in a hurry, it’s an invaluable aid. The main party trick, however, is an additional tray supplied in the kit that fits over the camera battery charging sockets. This enables you to charge four AA cells. There’s also a built-in 2.4A USB charging port for your tablet, powerbank or smartphone. To complete the ProCube2’s impressive versatility, there is a 12V

car lead and plugs for the UK, Europe and the US in the box. This makes the ProCube2 one of the most practical accessories you’ll ever buy! On the subject of camera batteries, if you need a replacement or more cells, Hähnel offers an extensive collection of high-capacity, reliable Li-ion batteries for most cameras. The range includes money-saving twin packs for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony cameras, starting from £49.99 per pack.

Capture it right

Hähnel’s Captur range is all about wireless remote camera/flash triggering. It’s the perfect place to look if you’re looking to shoot time-lapse sequences, long exposures, or just want simple hands-free shutter release. The Captur Remote Control is available for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic and Sony. You can expand your shooting opportunities by adding the Captur Module Pro. This versatile unit has built-in sensors, enabling the camera or flash to be triggered by motion, light or sound. There’s an auxiliary socket for third-party sensors, such as pressure plates and temperature sensors. Combining the Module Pro and Captur Receiver, the door opens to a whole new world of exciting picture-taking opportunities. The sound sensor enables incredible shots of breaking glass and bursting balloons; the

laser sensor fires the shutter if the beam is broken, making water droplet and remote wildlife photography possible; and, with the supplied Module IR, you can set up an infrared beam that trips the camera shutter when broken – ideal for action and wildlife shooting. The Module Pro offers fully programmable timed sequences, setting interval timing, delays, the number of exposures and exposure length, while DCM (Digital Channel Matching) renders set-up a simple process.

Get flashingwithHähnel Hähnel Modus 360RT and 600RT Mk II speedlights offer plenty of power, the convenience of through-the-lens (TTL) flash and full dedication with cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. The 360RT is an ultra-compact speedlight, ideal for smaller system cameras such as the Canon EOS R and Sony A series. It is 36GN at ISO 100 and 105mm, plus it features a and multiflash modes, full wireless connectivity with an 2.4GHz wireless receiver and transmitter, integrated USB port for firmware updates, and wide-ranging zoom/bounce head. A major selling point is that the speedlights are powered by an Extreme Li-ion rechargeable battery. This not only provides rapid recycling – about 1.5 secs at full power – but also great shooting capacity. A fully charged

Viper TTL receiver to run multiple flash set-ups. For ultimate versatility, and even better value, the 600RT Mark II is available in a Pro Kit, including two flashguns, two Extreme Li-ion cells, USB ultra-compact recharger and a Viper TTL Transmitter.

Captur Module Pro  Captur Remote Control & Flash Trigger  Captur Receiver  Captur Cable Pack 


£59.99 £39.99

Modus 360RT

£169.99 £249.99


Modus 600RT Mk II Modus 600RT Mk Wireless Kit

high-power, built-in LED video light. Meanwhile, the 600RT Mk II packs power into a form factor more suited to larger mirrorless, DSLR and medium format cameras. For this product, the guide number at ISO 100 is 60. Both models share familiar feature sets, including TTL, manual

360RT gives around 400 full-power flash bursts, while the 600RT Mk II provides 600 full-power bursts. In auto mode, the number of bursts is much higher at typical shooting distances. For off-camera shooting, an optional Viper TTL transmitter is available. Meanwhile, there’s also a

£299.99 Modus 600RT Mk II Pro Kit £499.99 Viper TTL transmitter £89.99 Viper TTL receiver £59.99

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